Where to Watch Big Brother? Time, Tv Channel, and Free Live Stream Information for “Big Brother” Season 24!

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 champion Miesha Tate will be back for another summer season of the fan-favorite Big Brother. After 23 seasons (plus three celebrity specials), the reality TV phenomenon continues to captivate viewers.

There’s nothing complicated about the premise, which is that a group of people live in a house together while their every move is being filmed by a slew of cameras and microphones, but with weekly eliminations and a $750,000 grand prize up for grabs, things are bound to heat up.

When Does Big Brother 2022 Start?

where to watch big brother

Starting on Wednesday, July 6th, Big Brother 2022 will have a 90-minute episode. Viewers will get their first look at the new Houseguests as they adjust to their new surroundings in the season’s premiere episode. Immediately following the premiere, the show will resume its regular airing schedule of 8/7c on Wednesdays, 9/8c on Thursdays, and 8/7c on Sundays, all at the previously stated times.

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Who is in the cast?

On July 5, “Big Brother” revealed the cast for season 24. Take a look at the folks in the video below.

Who Hosts Big Brother?

Big Brother 2022 will be hosted by Julie Chen Moonves once again. On her Twitter, the 52-year-old Big Brother host posted her delight over the show’s return, coupled with a mysterious message that suggested she would be revealing some secrets about the new season.

where to watch big brother

Watching Big Brother Abroad Requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Due to licensing constraints, Big Brother is not available outside of the United States.” In order to determine your location, CBS All Access uses your IP address when you log in. Content that you want to see will be unavailable to anyone outside of the United States.

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A virtual private network (VPN) gives you a new (temporary) IP address dependent on the server you connect to. Your real location will be concealed if you choose a server in the United States, and CBS All Access will grant you access to all of its content (as long as you have a subscription).

Big Brother 2022: Where Can I See It?

The next season of Big Brother will premiere on CBS in 2022.

Episodes will be made available for viewing the day after they air on CBS’s mobile app and Paramount’s streaming service, Paramount+. Similar to the Paramount+ live feed for Celebrity Big Brother, viewers will be able to see what the Big Brother houseguests are up to at all hours of the day and night.

Paramount+ requires a subscription to be accessed. Either the $4.99/month Essential plan or the $9.99/month Premium plan is an option, both of which are available over a yearly subscription of $99.99. CBS is included in the Premium package.

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Where can I stream it?


It is possible to watch on FuboTV (which offers a free trial), Hulu + Live TV, and YouTubeTV for a fee. In addition, Paramount+ will stream live episodes.