Where to Watch Call Her Daddy: You Can Watch It on Spotify!

In the years following the publication of her memoir, “Things I Should Have Said,” actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been a mainstay in the tabloids. Even though she isn’t going on a publicity tour to promote it, her relationship with Britney Spears has made things difficult. Given this situation, Jamie felt compelled to discuss her sibling bond on the program.

What Is the Best Way to Watch the Call Her Daddy Podcast?

where to watch call her daddy

The video for “Call Her Daddy” is now available to stream on Spotify. The first segment of my chat with Jamie has been posted. If you’re interested, I’ve linked to it here. Meanwhile, on January 18th, you can read the sequel.

The podcast is currently only available to those who have a paid Spotify account. According to Variety from 2021, Alex Cooper’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ album has a publishing deal with Spotify for more than $60 million.

There is a three-year commitment in the current agreement. About the agreement, Alex said, “I’m tremendously thankful for everyone who has supported, helped, and been a part of ‘Call Her Daddy. The show’s original premise three years ago was, and remains, “to question the current quo and bring into the open discussions that have thus far taken place only in private.”

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Jamie Lynn Spears: What Did We Learn in The First Interview Part?

Jamie revealed her close bond with Britney by saying, “I was born into this family,” in an interview. This is something that was forced upon me. Think of a huge ship crashing through the seas, and me, a tiny dinghy, desperately fighting to stay afloat. Yes, that sums up my entire existence: “stay alive right now.”

Likewise, Jamie reaffirmed her desire to repair their sibling bond and assist her. Jamie Lynn remarked, “This was a talented young woman who was going through a hard time — and if she couldn’t stand up herself, then somebody should have.” “I was not yet of legal adulthood at the time. In no way could I… Stop the f*cking presses!’ someone should have shouted. Let’s give this girl a minute to breathe.

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What Is the Best Way to Watch the Call Her Daddy Podcast?

where to watch call her daddy

  • Viewers of Jamie “Call Her Daddy” Cullum’s interview can watch it now on Spotify.
  • Part 1 of the conversation with Jamie is already available for those who have a Spotify subscription. For further information, please visit this link.
  • Here is the continuation of “Call Her Daddy” Part 2.
  • On January 18th, the sequel to Call her daddy will be available.
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