Where to Watch Grease? The Best Places to Watch “Grease” in Memory of The Late Ivy Newton-John!

One of the biggest singers in the world in the 1970s and 1980s, Dame Olivia Newton-John passed away on August 8 at the age of 73. Her husband John Easterling shared the news of her passing on Facebook.

Newton-John enjoyed a very fruitful career. Her era-defining 1981 smash “Physical,” which spent 10 weeks at No. 1, the longest run of any song of the 1980s, sold over 100 million albums and charted on the Billboard Hot 100, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

However, her leading part in the 1978 movie adaptation of the musical Grease is what people most often recall her for. She portrayed Australian transfer student Sandy Olsson, a goody-two-shoes who falls in love with greaser bad boy Danny Zuko (John Travolta).


Local lad Danny Zuko and visiting Australian Sandy Olsson fall in love after meeting at the beach in the summer of 1958. Sandy worries that they may never see one other again as the summer comes to an end, but Danny assures her that their love is “just the beginning.” The T-Birds greaser gang, which consists of Doody, Sonny, Putzie, and his best friend Kenickie, is once again led by Danny at the commencement of the senior semester at Rydell High School.

where to watch grease

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The Pink Ladies, a grubbier girl gang comprised of Frenchy, Marty, Jan, and boss Rizzo, arrive. Sandy is enrolled at Rydell by her American parents, who also encourage her to become friends with Frenchy, a fellow student who is thinking about quitting school to become a beautician. Sandy remembers a beautiful summer, and Danny suggests a more physical encounter as they both tell their different groups about their brief romance.

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where to watch grease
  • As Danny Zuko, John Travolta
  • Olivia Newton-John portrays Sandy Olsson
  • T-Birds
  • as Kenickie, Jeff Conaway
  • As Doody, Barry Pearl
  • As Sonny LaTierri, Michael Tucci
  • As Putzie, Kelly Ward

What is Streaming Grease?

With a Paramount+ subscription and an AMC subscription, you can watch Newton-John, Travolta, and the rest of the Pink Ladies/T-Birds crew whenever you want. The movie can also be rented via Vudu and Prime Video.

where to watch grease

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Where Is Xanadu Streaming Online?

If you can’t get enough of Newton-John, check out her performance in the 1980 musical fantasy Xanadu. In the film, Newton-John portrays Kira, a muse who falls in love with failing artist Sonny (Michael Beck), and persuades him to team up with Danny (Gene Kelly) to build a nightclub named Xanadu. Despite not being accessible for normal streaming, you may rent this on Google Play, Vudu, and Prime Video.