Where to Watch Incantation? What About the Final Filming?

Last spring, Kevin Ko’s Incantation premiered in Taiwan and became the country’s highest-grossing horror film of all time. Now, the picture, written and directed by the Taiwanese filmmaker, has arrived on Netflix. a lady tries to liberate her little daughter from the ancient and deadly curse that she and her ghost-hunting college friends accidentally unleashed in Ko’s discovered footage exercise.

Are her efforts making a difference? You’ll be fine if you just answer your own name in a whisper. Kung Che-Wei and Kevin Ko co-wrote the screenplay for the 2022 Taiwanese horror film titled Incantation (Chinese: pinyin: Zhou). On March 18, 2022, the film was released in Taiwan and became the country’s highest-grossing horror picture. On the 8th of July, 2022, Netflix began offering it in more countries.


“Hou-ho-Xiu-Yi, si-seiwu-ma,” spoken by a woman named Ronan, is an incantation to send blessings and remove a curse from her daughter, Dodo, six. The emblem and incantation are used frequently in the film to entice the audience to pray along with the characters. As the film progresses, the events are depicted in a non-linear fashion.

For their Ghost Busters YouTube channel, Ronan and her boyfriend Dom, and Dom’s cousin Yuan, breached a religious taboo by filming a ritual.

where to watch incantation

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Li Ronan should be played by Tsai Huan-yen, and Dodo by Huang Sin-ting.
Dom RQ (Wen Ching-yu) as Yuan is played by Kao Ying-Hsuan as Ming and Sean Lin as Dom

Review of the film “Incantation”

Kevin Ko’s gradual increase in intensity Found footage/mockumentary horror film from Taiwan focuses on the psychological and emotional impact of motherhood and the guilt that comes with it (the failure to care for one’s own, in this case). With her six-year-old daughter, Dodo (played by Tsai Hsuan-yen), Li Ronan (Tsai) has an awkward connection (Huang Sin-ting). The unquestionable highlight of this gripping story is the former’s desperate attempt to reconcile the rifts in her past caused by her crippling mental health problems.

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While ancient rituals, a recurrent symbol, and an unnamed deity are all present in Incantation (Zhou in Mandarin and Taiwanese), what really disturbs viewers is the crushing sense of guilt that permeates the minds of mothers everywhere when it comes to the fate of their children. As parents, Tsai Hsuan-yen and Huang Sin-portrayal ting’s of the complicated relationship between a parent and a child is one of the film’s most memorable moments. It’s not as scary as it could have been on screen, but the script still leaves you with a lot of questions at the conclusion. It’s not a film for those who are seeking for a conclusion or a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end.

In the end, it’s not over yet.

What About the Final Filming?

It’s chilling to see footage of Dodo as a young girl, and the spectator is left with the dreadful impression that they have taken on some of the curses, as Ronan had previously hinted at. If you’ve been watching, you’re part of this.

Creatively ending the film, it’s sure to make spectators laugh nervously while they hunt for something else to watch. It’s possible that a comedy could be ideal for the next time! Netflix has added Incantation to its library of available titles.

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How to Watch The Incantation

On Paramount+, you may currently watch The Incantation. Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu all offer streaming options for The Incantation.