Where to Watch Infinity Train? HBO Max Is Streaming American Animated Television!

Owen Dennis, who had worked as a writer and storyboard artist on Regular Show, created the American animated television program Infinity Train. On November 1, 2016, Cartoon Network published the series pilot. After receiving favorable reviews, the show was picked up for a full miniseries, which debuted on Cartoon Network on August 5, 2019. Cartoon Network confirmed that the show would continue as an anthology series following the conclusion of the first season.


The show takes place on a railway that seems to go on forever as it travels across a desolate terrain; the train’s cars are filled with all kinds of strange and surreal settings. People with unresolved emotional problems or survivors of trauma are the passengers the train picks up.

where to watch infinity train

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As they move through the train’s carriages, their experiences inside them provide them the chance to face and address their emotional problems, which are symbolized by a luminous number on their hand that decreases as they do so. When they find a solution and their number drops to zero, a gateway opens, allowing them to exit the train and head back home.


When trying to travel to a game-design camp, 13-year-old Tulip Olsen (Ashley Johnson), who is dealing with her parent’s divorce, is stuck on the train. She is rational, practical, and driven to get off the train.

Younger versions of Tulip are voiced by Naomi Hansen and Lily Sanfelippo, who are ages 5 and 6 to 8, respectively.

One-One is a spherical robot made up of two distinct hemisphere-shaped robots, originally known as One. One-One travels with Tulip in Book 1 and discovers that Tulip is the legitimate conductor of the train. One-One resumes its conductor responsibilities at the conclusion of Book 1 and is in charge of managing the train’s operations and its passengers. One bond with Amelia throughout Book 4’s backstory, which takes place in 1986, eases the passengers’ constraints before she usurps his role as the Conductor.

The joyous and upbeat member of One-One is called Glad-One (Jeremy Crutchley).

The melancholy and pessimistic member of One-One is Sad-One (Owen Dennis).

Infinity Train: How to Watch

Infinity Train is now available on HBO Max. You can watch Infinity Train online by renting or buying it from Amazon Instant Video or Vudu.

Omg, so These Shows Just Ended?

In theory, whole seasons and individual episodes of many of these shows are still available for purchase on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, but no one is certain how long this will continue to be the case. Additionally, a few of the programs, like Summer Camp Island and Victor and Valentino, which both have fresh episodes yet to air, will air on Cartoon Network.

where to watch infinity train

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However, as of the right moment, they are not listed on HBO Max, and in the case of Infinity Train and Mao Mao: Heroes Pure of Heart, all official videos on the Cartoon Network YouTube channel and any tweets mentioning the episodes have been taken down. The official Amazon listings for the DVDs have also been removed, and the Infinity Train soundtrack has disappeared from music streaming providers.

Why Did Warner Do This, to Begin With?

By 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery plans to combine Discovery Plus and HBO Max into one huge streaming service, which will require some housekeeping.

“We will be changing the content selection accessible on both HBO Max and Discovery+ as we work toward unifying our content inventories under one platform. A representative for HBO Max said in a statement that this would involve removing some programming from both platforms.

where to watch infinity train

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One possibility is that HBO Max Originals’ cast and crew still need to be paid residuals, though Warner Bros. Discovery has not formally stated why it chose these specific episodes to delete. By eliminating them totally… Well, if nobody watches it, no one has to get paid, isn’t that right? Furthermore, a number of the series on the shortlist fall under the kids and families category, and it’s very possible that Warner Bros. Discovery wants to steer clear of that audience.