Where to Watch Instant Family? American Family Comedy-Drama Is Streaming on Paramount+!

In the 2018 American family comedy-drama, Instant Family, Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne play adoptive parents to Isabela Moner, Gustavo Quiroz, and Julianna Gamiz as their three adopted siblings. The movie, which is directed by Sean Anders and also stars Margo Martindale, Julie Hagerty, Tig Notaro, and Octavia Spencer, was co-written by John Morris and Anders and is based in part on Anders’ personal experiences.


Pete and Ellie Wagner, a husband, and wife are mocked by family members who believe they will never have children, so they investigate adoption. With the assistance of social workers Karen and Sharon, they apply for foster care. When faced by 15-year-old Lizzie, who makes an impression on them, at a fair to meet foster children, Ellie expresses her hesitation to foster or adopt an adolescent.

where to watch instant family

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Karen and Sharon disclose that Lizzie has two siblings, Juan, age 10, and Lita, age 6 and that their mother is a drug addict who is incarcerated; if they want Lizzie, they must also take Juan and Lita. After meeting Lizzie and her brothers, the Wagners decide against continuing their relationship because there isn’t an instant connection. Pete and Ellie announce their decision to forego adoption during Thanksgiving dinner with Ellie’s family. Pete and Ellie decide to formally adopt them because the family acknowledges that no one genuinely thought it would work out.

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  • As Pete Wagner, Mark Wahlberg
  • Ellie Wagner, played by Rose Byrne
  • The oldest sibling, Lizzy Wagner, played by Isabela Merced, is 15 years old.
  • Juan Wagner, a 10-year-old middle child, is portrayed by Gustavo Escobar.
  • Lita Wagner, the youngest child and played by Julianna Gamiz, is 6 years old.
  • Karen, played by Octavia Spencer, is the additional social worker who assists the prospective parents as they navigate the foster care system.
  • Tig Notaro plays Sharon, one of the social workers who assist the prospective parents as they navigate the foster care system.
  • Margo Martindale plays Pete’s demanding and loving mother, Grandma Sandy.
  • Julie Hagerty plays Jen, Ellie’s amiable and innocent mother.

Netflix offers Instant Family, right?

At the time of this writing, Instant Family was not available on Netflix. We don’t anticipate that changing very soon, but you never know!

Has Hulu added Instant Family?

where to watch instant family

Additionally, they aren’t on Hulu! However, the starting price for this streaming service right now is $6.99 per month or $69.99 for the entire year. It costs $12.99 per month for the ad-free version, $64.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV, or $70.99 per month for the ad-free Hulu + Live TV.

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Instant Family: How to Watch

where to watch instant family

You can currently watch Instant Family on Paramount+. Instant Family is a streaming service that you may access on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu by renting or buying.