Where to Watch Ksi Fight Vs. Alex Wassabi Fight Online? Stream Now!

Social media stars have emerged as the new stars of the boxing industry. Influencer boxing has KSI, a popular internet personality, as one of its first members. In recent years, the participation of social media influencers in boxing contests has increased the matches’ exposure and audience size. If you’re wondering, “Where can I stream the KSI vs. Alex Wassabi fight?” then keep reading!

The bout between KSI and Alex was promoted via a tweet in which KSI said, “can’t wait to repeatedly hit the man I’ve had beef with for years, the man I’ve laughed at for years, the man that beat my brother, the man that has signed his death wish as soon as we reach the ring.”

The two celebrities have become notorious on the web for the long-standing animosity between them. So, naturally, everyone is looking forward to their next boxing battle. For information on where and how you may view the KSI vs. Alex Wassabi fight, keep reading!

Information about how to see KSI vs. Swarmz.

where to watch ksi fight

Saturday, August 27th, is when you can catch the influencer boxing match between KSI and Swarmz. The main event, featuring KSI and Swarmz, is scheduled to begin at around 6:15 pm CT, making the fight card’s start time around 3 pm CT.

London’s O2 Arena, where KSI first faced Logan Paul, will play host to the event, which can fit up to 20,000 spectators.

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Exactly who is fighting?

The boxing event for influential people will have six bouts before the main event. Many influential people will be making their debuts even though only a few fighters are returning. Listed below is the schedule for the evening’s matches.

  • Blueface takes on FaZe Temper.
  • It’s King Kenny versus FaZe Sensei.
  • It’s Deji vs Fousey!
  • I Am That Hmpsn vs. Sam Hyde
  • Andy Warski versus Salt Papi.
  • Battle of the Evil Heroes: Deen the Great vs. KSI vs. Swarmz

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KSI vs. Swarmz: Where Can I Watch It?

where to watch ksi fight

The O2 Arena in London will play host to the live KSI vs. Swarmz match. Tickets can be purchased online at the O2 Arena’s website. VIP ringside seats, which can only be purchased in person, cost £1,300. Regular tickets cost £25 each.

The match will be broadcast live on DAZN PPV for those who cannot attend. Viewers may watch the entire event from their phones, TVs, and other smart devices for £11.99 ($15) in addition to their monthly DAZN subscription. WHERE ON DAZN CAN I WATCH KSI VS. SWARMZ?

The worldwide blockbuster will be streamed live on DAZN and available on DAZN PPV in the United States ($9.99 for existing subscribers and $29.98 for new subscribers, which includes one month of DAZN), Canada ($9.99 for existing subscribers and $34.98 for new subscribers), the United Kingdom and Ireland (£11.99/€11.99 for existing subscribers and £19.98/€19.98 for new subscribers), and Australia ($9.99 for existing subscribers and $34.98 for new subscribers).

Over 200 countries will be able to watch the event live on DAZN (except Crimea, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria). Those interested in subscribing can do so on this page. If you live in Argentina, Chile, or Colombia, you can’t sign up for DAZN online but must instead download the app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store.