Where to Watch Leave It to Beaver? Leave It to Beaver’ Took Inspiration from Real Kids!

The American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver, which aired from 1957 to 1963, follows the adventures of Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver (Jerry Mathers), a curious and frequently naive little boy, in and out of his suburban family, school, and neighborhood.

Along with Tony Dow playing Beaver’s brother Wally, the show also featured Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont as Beaver’s parents, June and Ward Cleaver. The Cleavers represent the idealized suburban family of the middle of the 20th century, and their family has become synonymous with the program in the United States.


  • Ward Cleaver, played by Hugh Beaumont
  • June Cleaver, played by Barbara Billingsley
  • Wallace “Wally” Cleaver, played by Tony Dow
  • As Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver, Jerry Mathers

How to Watch Leave It to Beaver

You can watch Leave It to Beaver right now on Peacock. You may watch Leave It to Beaver online by renting or buying a copy from Amazon Instant Video.

where to watch leave it to beaver

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‘Leave It to Beaver’ took inspiration from real kids

The dialogue and plot lines of Leave It to Beaver were frequently influenced by actual remarks made by children to one another. Joe Connelly, one of the co-creators of the legendary series, based Wally and Beaver on his two sons. He based the experiences of the characters on those of his sons. The Los Angeles Times reported that Connelly’s 8-year-old son Ricky and his 14-year-old son Jay served as inspirations for Wally and Beaver, respectively. As for the Connelly brothers’ friends, they served as an inspiration for Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) and Larry Mondello (Robert “Rusty” Stevens).

In case his sons or their friends said something that would make for good television, Connelly even carried a pen and paper with him. As Brian Levant, a co-writer on 1983’s Still the Beaver, recalled, “Joe used to be one of those people who’d walk around with a pad of paper in his pocket, and every time a kid would say something hilarious, he’d jot it down.

” “I’m never providing you any more fodder for your show,” reportedly exclaimed Ricky Connelly as he stormed off of the dinner table in a rage. He then paused at the top of the stairs, according to the Levant.

where to watch leave it to beaver

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There is no “Leave It to Beaver” streaming on Netflix.

Would you like to watch Leave It to Beaver on Netflix? Sadly, the venerable series is not offered by the top streaming service. But don’t be alarmed. There are several ways to see the program. On NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, all six seasons of Leave It to Beaver are freely accessible. Additionally, each episode costs $1.99 to rent on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

The ‘Leave It to Beaver cast still gets residuals but not from the original series

The cast of Leave It to Beaver isn’t making a lot of money off of repeats as the Friends cast does. Mathers and the other Leave It to Beaver cast members no longer receive royalties, as they said to the AARP Bulletin in October 2011. According to the actor, royalties ended after six broadcasts of each program. That doesn’t mean they aren’t, nevertheless, generating income from the show in other ways. Reruns and spin-offs of Leave It to Beaver that after the original series’ 1963 conclusion brought in residuals.

where to watch leave it to beaver

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Before revealing the sum, Mathers stated, “Just yesterday, I got a check — I forget what show it was – something in the ’90s.” The cost was 13 cents. But I don’t regret anything. I did pretty well, and I’m in decent shape. In 1983, The New Leave It to Beaver made its debut, following Wally and Beaver as grownups with their own families.

For the spinoff, several original cast members got back together, including Mathers, Dow, and Osmond. Before being canceled, the show had four seasons on the air. On Peacock, view Leave It to Beaver.