Where to Watch Little Women: You Can Watch It on Netflix!

Little Women is the most recent weekend K-drama to replace Alchemy of Soul on tvN and Netflix. In essence, the plot revolves around three sisters who become embroiled in a case that forces them to take on South Korea’s richest and most powerful family.

Three poor sisters, played by Kim Go-Eun, Nam Ji-Hyun, and Park Ji-Hu, will have their lives changed as a result of their involvement in the search for a lost 70 billion won. Go-eun will play the part of the eldest sister who feels that money is a strong thing and longs for a normal existence free from the strain of being indigent.

Ji-Hyun will portray the middle sister, a determined reporter. Finally, Ji- Hu will portray the little sister who is a gifted painter and a student in high school.

You might be interested in knowing when the next episode of this one will air if you’ve been following it. Then stop wondering!

Episode 3 Recap for Little Women

where to watch little women

In-hye is getting ready to relocate to Boston with Hyo-rin to pursue her dreams, but Hyo-parents rin’s have other plans for her, as seen in Little Women episode 3. The appearance of In-kyung and the chaos he produces in Hyo-celebration, rin’s however, seems to throw their plans for a loop.

The killings and Jae-sang are somehow related to a strange blue orchid, according to CCTV footage that gives In-kyung her first lead. In-ju, on the other hand, seeks to get assistance because she is unsure what to do with the $2 billion in her possession.

Do-il forms a bargain that can rescue her from a lot of difficulties, but this just causes her to get into more trouble because she receives the embezzlement ledgers.

Later, she learns of In-plans hye’s to visit Boston and tries to cover her expenditures, but Sang-a informs her of further information regarding her own sister. However, this merely brings back a long-forgotten recollection of a sister who has passed away, leaving her dumbfounded.

When In-kyung discovers the money that In-ju has concealed, she tries to question her, but In-ju tells her about their sister who was left behind and that In-hye is also aware of her.

Later, she asks their aunt for assistance, and he quickly consents. Jae-sang, on the other hand, tries to manipulate and seduce In-hye by highlighting the successes of the past and the potential of the future for her provided she is willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

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Little Women Storyline

where to watch little women

Three sisters who only have each other and never enough money become involved in a plot involving the wealthy and powerful, according to the series’ summary on Netflix.

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The Little Women Cast

Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, and Wo Ha-joon are among the cast members of the mystery-thriller drama.

Where Am I Going to Watch Little Women?

Globally, Netflix subscribers will be able to view Little Women. But in Korea, this is a tvN original that airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.10 p.m. (KST)