Where to Watch Marcel the Shell with Shoes On? Are There Any Hbo Max Showing the Animated Comedy?

The prettiest shell you’ve ever seen is returning to win your heart once more. Based on the 2010 stop-motion animation short film of the same name, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is the newest animation/live-action full-length feature film from A24. The titular focal figure from the short films is reprised as Marcel the shell, the movie’s main character.

The picture, like its short-film predecessors, centers on a little shell character named Marcel (he wears shoes, too!) who longs to venture into the outside world and locate his family. Jenny Slate, Rosa Salazar, Isabella Rossellini, Thomas Mann, and a host of other actors play a variety of voices in the mockumentary-style film, which is directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp.

Marcel the Shell: How to Watch It While Wearing Shoes

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is available for rental or purchase on Google Play or Vudu.

Where to Watch Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

As of right now, the only location to watch Marcel the Shell is in a theater, where it will be released on June 24 in the United States. Fandango allows you to search for local showings. After the movie’s run in theaters, you may buy it on digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Vudu.

where to watch marcel the shell with shoes on

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The Marcel the Shell Movie Will Be Streaming When?

The Shell with Shoes, Marcel’s Date of digital release is not yet known. It’s difficult to predict when A24’s Marcel the Shell will be available digitally. On the basis of other A24 releases, though, we can hazard a bet. After playing in theaters for almost two months—or 45 days, which is essentially the new regular theatrical window since the pandemic—one recent A24 theatrical film, Red Rocket, became available to rent for $19.99 on digital platforms.

where to watch marcel the shell with shoes on

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It might be available for rental as early as mid-August 2022 if Marcel the Shell follows a similar release schedule. Having said that, Everything Everywhere All At Once, another A24 film was made available digitally on June 7, around 70 days after its theatrical debut. You could have to wait until the beginning of September to rent Marcel the Shell for $19.99 if it follows that release plan.

Is HBO Max Going to Stream Marcel the Shell?

No. Because Men is an A24 picture and not a Warner Bros. movie, Marcel the Shell won’t be on HBO Max. HBO Max will also stop broadcasting theatrical films in 2022. (Last year, Warner Bros. made the decision to concurrently put their theatrical slate on streaming, allowing HBO Max users to enjoy films like Matrix Resurrections at home. However, this year’s Warner Bros.

theatrical releases will initially run for 45 days exclusively in theaters before going to HBO Max.) X might air on HBO and HBO Max in the future, but it won’t happen anytime soon.

where to watch marcel the shell with shoes on

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Netflix Is Marcel the Shell Streaming?

No. Given that Netflix now has a lot of A24 movies available, such as Uncut Gems, it’s probable that Marcel the Shell may be available there eventually. But there is no assurance. The best option if you don’t want to miss the movie is to rent Marcel the Shell for $19.99 or see it in a cinema.