Where to Watch Mayans Season 4: It Is Streaming on Hulu and Disney+!

Mayans M.C. The motorcycle drama from Elgin James and Kurt Sutter, which debuted 10 all-new episodes for fans this spring, has concluded its fourth season.

Mayans M.C. is a Sons of Anarchy offshoot. introduced in 2018, with the titular biker crew taking the stage. The new program provided viewers a chance to explore the universe that Sutter created, and it has garnered equal accolades from critics as its predecessor. Here is all the information you need to know about Mayans M.C. Season 4

What Is the Storyline of Mayans M.C. Season 4?

There will be a lot of territories to cover in this brand-new season because of everything that transpired at the end of season 3 (check out the recap below if you need a reminder). Here is Mayans M.C.’s official plot summary. season 4

“Mayans M.C. follows the life of Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes, a member of the Mayans M.C. charter on the Cali/Mexi border. Once the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp, EZ, his brother Angel, and the rest of the Santo Padre M.C. face retaliation from other chapters after a failed attempt to align under one King. Meanwhile, EZ and Angel have grown distant from their father Felipe after.

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Will There Be a Mayan Mc? Season 5?

where to watch mayans season 4

It has been over a month since the Mayans M.C. season 4 conclusion, and there was no indication on whether the FX drama series would return for a season 5. However, viewers may finally unwind because Mayans has been formally renewed for a fifth season.

Elgin James, the co-creator of the series, revealed that Mayans M.C. The upcoming fifth season is scheduled to debut in 2023.

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Mayans M.C. Recap of Season Three

If you have not finished watching Mayans M.C., there are spoilers ahead. through season 3. The entire Mayans M.C. experienced a shift in the ground. club with the Season 3 events. The Santo Padre M.C. turned down a risky demand to double drug supplies. find themselves at odds with other club factions. EZ thinks they can make moves against the other club Kings and unify it all under one King, Bishop. Of course, the other leaders aren’t going down without a fight.

All of the Mayan groups decide to unite and pursue Santo Padre following an unsuccessful effort to assassinate Canche, the leader of one of the other clubs. All of this builds up to the last seconds of the climax, where an army is attacking the Santo Padre headquarters.

In another place, Galindo is suspicious of Emily’s friendship with EZ and eventually tries to kill her while also persuading Alvarez and Nestor to kill EZ. Both attempts are unsuccessful, and he is forced to flee after two of Adelita’s proteges reveal a third Galindo murder plot to Mexican authorities. Emily decides not to accompany him, as expected.

EZ and Gabby’s relationship was the subject of the other significant relationship development. He claims that he is prepared to leave it all behind and travel north with her after Gabby ended their relationship because she thought EZ’s way of life was too risky. Felipe, EZ’s father, cautions Gabby that going with EZ will only bring her down. Following this piece of advice, Gabby departs without EZ. Here is a link to the official Season 3 recap video from FX:

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Who Is in The Mayans M.C. Who Plays Who in Season 4?

where to watch mayans season 4

  • The Mayans M.C. primary cast is shown below. season 4
  • Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes is portrayed by JD Pardo.
  • With Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes
  • Felipe Reyes is portrayed by Edward James Olmos.
  • Miguel Galindo is played by Danny Pino.
  • Luisa “Adelita” Espina is portrayed by Carla Baratta.
  • Obispo “Bishop” Losa is portrayed by Michael Irby.
  • Che “Taza” Romero is portrayed by Raoul Max Trujillo.
  • Johnny “Coco” Cruz is portrayed by Richard Cabral.
  • Marcus Alvarez is portrayed by Emilio Rivera.
  • Emily Thomas is played by Sarah Bolger.
  • Hank “Tranq” Loza is portrayed by Frankie Loyal.
  • Neron “Creeper” Vargas is played by Joseph Lucero.

Where to Watch Mayans Season 4

Mayans M.C. season 4 may be watched online on Hulu for US viewers and Disney Plus for UK viewers. It can also be found on the Canadian FX Now website(opens in a new tab). Additionally, Mayans M.C.’s previous seasons are available in these selections. if you wish to begin at the beginning. The top Hulu, Disney+ Bundle and Disney+ offers for today