Where to Watch Mean Girls 2? Mean Girls 2 Is out Now on Dvd and Various Streaming Services!

Almost 20 years ago, “Mean Girls” debuted and attempted to bring “fetch” to life. But Tina Fey’s Tina Fey-penned comedy cannot be exaggerated in terms of its legacy. The high school comedy not only helped launch the careers of young actors like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, and others, but it has also remained popular with viewers years later.

“Mean Girls” was based on real-life incidents that people can always identify with. There’s also the fact that it’s one of the funniest and most quotable movies ever made; these features have made it a cult favorite. Sadly, “Mean Girls 2” failed to achieve the same level of success and has remained obscure for the better part of a decade.

Mean Girls 2 Plot

It is her mother’s dream that 18-year-old Jo Mitchell from Ohio will attend Carnegie Mellon University, the alma mater of her late mother. The Plastics, a group of girls led by the self-proclaimed leader Mandi Weatherly, comprised of the snobby Chastity Meyer and the neurotic Hope Plotkin on her first day of school. Jo also meets Abby Hanover, whom Mandi sees as potential competition for her affections.

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As a result of Jo’s efforts to avoid Plastics, she and Abby find themselves at odds with each other. Father: Jo’s father is a NASCAR mechanic who works on NASCAR motors. By taking a more advanced shop class, she not only becomes an excellent mechanic but also meets Tyler (Diego Boneta) and falls head over heels for him. For transportation, she relies on a Vespa motor scooter. Jo’s mother died when she was just one year old, according to a voiceover.

Mean Girls 2 Cast

  • Meaghan Martin portrays Jo Mitchell, a tomboyish 18-year-old girl who shares her father’s love of automobiles and must move schools at least three times a year because of his employment.
  • As a child, Tatum Etheridge portrays Jo.
  • Jennifer Stone portrays Abby Hanover, a kind but unpopular girl from a wealthy family who is a rival of Mandis.
  • Young Abby, played by Anne Alden
  • Male actor Maiara Walsh plays Mandi Weatherly, Abby’s spiteful, spoiled, and popular competitor, who regularly insults both Abby and Tyler’s stepsister.
  • a young Anna Cate Donelan in the title role
  • It’s Diego Boneta who plays the role of Tyler Adams, a well-known soccer star who falls for Jo and is Mandi’s stepbrother.
  • In the role of Hope Plotkin, played by Nicole Gale Anderson, Mandi’s right-hand woman, she suffers from a severe case of hypochondria.
  • a snobby young woman with uncontrollable arousal of sexual desire, played by Claire Holt.
    Bethany Quinn Shinn, a shy aspirant on the School Newspaper team, is played by Anne Lind

Mean Girls 2 is available on a variety of streaming platforms and on DVD

When “Mean Girls 2” was released in the 1990s, it was a direct-to-video release, which may have contributed to the film’s lack of recognition. As a result, the long-forgotten sequel is now easier to locate on a variety of prominent platforms. It’s now exclusively available on Netflix in the US, which doesn’t require a separate purchase or rental cost to see the video.

where to watch mean girls 2

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According to JustWatch, you can rent “Mean Girls 2” for between $2.99 and $3.99 on Amazon Video; Google Play; YouTube; Vudu; Microsoft; Redbox; and on DirectTV. However, if you’d rather own the movie outright, it’s available to purchase for $9.99, $12.99, or $14.99 on each of those platforms. A DVD of the film is also available, however, a Blu-ray version was never released in North American countries.

How to Watch Mean Girls 2

On Vudu or Google Play, you can rent or buy Mean Girls 2 and watch it online.

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Is Mean Girls 2 on Netflix?

This is a piece of cake. Netflix presently has Mean Girls 2 streaming. Movies and shows from the past are readily available, as content created specifically for the platform. If you don’t have Netflix and don’t know anyone else who has, a $9.99 subscription is the cheapest way to get started.