Where to Watch Meteor Shower? When And How To Watch the Peak Tonight?

The nights of August 11th–13th, 2022 will see the highest peak of the Perseid meteor shower. The Perseid meteor shower, which is often among the greatest of the year, will be less visible this year due to the supermoon (an extremely huge full Moon).

Use timeanddate.com to locate the best times to visit your location and to view instructions. To observe, choose the darkest area you can, let your eyes adapt, then look overhead, but avoid looking at the Moon directly.

What is a meteor?

The burning up of dust and sand-sized pebbles as they strike Earth’s upper atmosphere at extremely high speeds — tens of kilometers per second — results in meteors, which are streaks of light in the sky.

where to watch meteor shower

You can observe dazzling streaks of light emanating from these tiny particles from the ground at night. The brightness of a meteor often increases with its size as a piece of space dust. You could observe up to 10 meteors per hour on a regular night from a dark spot since space is full of dust – no shower necessary!

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What is a meteor shower?

Asteroids or cometary debris that the Earth passes through can produce meteor showers. Every year, they repeat around the same time when Earth completes an orbital rotation and travels through the debris once more. The Perseids and the Geminids, which peak in mid-August and mid-December respectively, are two of the greatest meteor showers of the year. Due to their summertime location in the northern hemisphere, the Perseids frequently garner more media attention. The Geminids normally produce more meteors, though.

where to watch meteor shower

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Meteor showers are given their names after the constellation that houses their radiant. Drawing a line back along the meteors will result in all of the lines coming together at the radiant, which is where the meteors appear to be coming from. When you observe a meteor shower, you are actually witnessing tangible proof of our planet orbiting the Sun because of the effect of the Earth whizzing through the comet debris!

How to watch a meteor shower

Your eyes, some patience, and a night with few clouds are all you need to see a meteor shower. Step outside, settle in and contemplate the sky. Because you are on the leading side of the Earth at that time, you can see the comet debris approach you like rain hitting a windshield. Typically, the greatest time to witness a meteor shower is between midnight and pre-dawn. Use timeanddate.com to locate the best times to visit your location and to view instructions.

where to watch meteor shower

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It’s not necessary to look directly at the radiant because meteors farther distant from it will appear longer. Although it’s recommended to aim your gaze 45 degrees from the radiant, the most crucial step is to find a place that’s dark and away from city lights, give your eyes some time to adjust, and then aim your telescope at the darkest area of the sky you can find. Enjoy yourself outside while gazing up at the stars!