Where to Watch My Friend Dahmer: Is It Streaming on Netflix?

Evan Peters plays Jeffrey Dahmer in a short biographical crime drama set to debut on Netflix in 2022 and co-created by Ryan Murphy (of American Horror Story) and Ian Brennan.

In a recent film titled My Friend Dahmer, audiences were treated to a peek of the actor taking on the character, and many were either reminded of or made aware of the fact that Ross Lynch had previously played the killer.

Before Monster comes out, it’s worth checking out the project because some people will be interested in seeing how the two portrayals compare and contrast.

Where to Watch My Friend Dahmer

where to watch my friend dahmer

The Ross Lynch film about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is included in Amazon Prime Video in the United States and may be rented on Amazon Video (in all regions) and iTunes (in all countries).

Marc Meyers adapted the screenplay and directed the film from the 2012 graphic novel of the same name by artist John “Derf” Backderf. It had its world premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, where it received widespread critical acclaim; the film’s core performance by Ross was singled out for particular praise.

The film takes place throughout Dahmer’s formative years, beginning in 1974 when he was a freshman at Bath High School in Bath, Ohio.

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Who Plays the Lead Roles in The Film My Friend Dahmer?

where to watch my friend dahmer

  • The main characters and their roles are listed below.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer, portrayed by Ross Lynch
  • Echoing the role of John “Derf” Backderf, Alex Wolff plays the sardonic Alex Wolff.
  • The role of Joyce Dahmer, played by Anne Heche
  • To portray Lionel Dahmer, Dallas Roberts steps into the role.
  • Neil Davis, played by Tommy Nelson
  • Mike (Harrison Holzer)
  • Playing the role of Moose is Cameron McKendry.
  • Casting Miles Robbins as Lloyd Figg
  • Dave Dahmer, played by Liam Koeth
  • High school freshman Lily Kozub
  • Starring Dave Sorboro as Steven Hicks
  • It’s a fascinating tragedy, they said.

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When Ross was promoting the film, Attitude questioned if he would have returned to the part if a sequel or follow-up had focused on the murders.

He stated, “I probably would have said yes if the script continued to be as fantastic as it was and if it was in that sort of light while we filmed the movie.”