Where to Watch Outnumbered? What Tv Show Streaming Online on Tubi!

Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner starred in the British television sitcom Outnumbered, which aired on BBC One for five seasons from 28 August 2007 to 5 March 2014. Between 2009 and 2016, four Christmas specials were also released. 35 episodes in total have been produced.

Where to Watch Outnumbered Plot

The Brockman family, a middle-class Chiswick family whose two parents are “outnumbered” by their three fairly rambunctious children, is the focus of the movie Outnumbered. Pete (Hugh Dennis), the mother, and Sue (Claire Skinner), the father, are four years of Pete’s junior and a part-time personal assistant at a failing inner city school.

where to watch outnumbered

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The three young people are Among the family members are Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey), the family’s rock, whose teenage sarcasm and obsession with girls worries his mother, Ben (Daniel Roche), who is hyperactive, a pathological liar, does unusual things (experimenting, or as Pete puts it, “roasting insects,”), and Karen (Ramona Marquez), who asks too many questions and frequently imitates what she sees on television (

Other recurring characters are their elderly father Frank (David Ryall), who is known as “Grandad,” and Sue’s new-age sister Angela Morrison (Samantha Bond). Frank is in the early stages of dementia. In 2016 special, he plays a dead, silent persona. Veronica, Sue’s unreasonable demanding boss in Series 1, is another example of how the authors employ the common sitcom trope of the invisible character. The same trick is repeated in season two, except this time it’s Sue’s new employer Tyson who turns out to be a con artist and flees in the series’ penultimate episode.

where to watch outnumbered

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In the third season, Rosalind Ayres debuts as Pete’s mother Sandra, also known as “Gran,” an internet gambler with a growing enmity towards Pete’s father, from whom she has split.

Where to Watch Outnumbered

Outnumbered is accessible on Tubi without charge.