Where to Watch Pitch Perfect: You Can Watch It on Hbo Max!

The “Pitch Perfect” trilogy is an exception. The original “Pitch Perfect” movie unexpectedly generated over $115 million worldwide on a $17 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo, at a time when theatrically released comedies started a phase of severe box office slump from which Vulture fears they may not ever escape. It was successful because of the camaraderie and performances of its whole cast, especially lead actress Anna Kendrick and rising star Rebel Wilson.

The fact that it’s a rare female-fronted studio comedy that isn’t largely about trying to attract a man (as noted by the BBC) and the enduring, always a little surprising appeal of hearing well-known pop songs in new arrangements — in this case, a cappella — surely didn’t hurt. The movie received overwhelmingly positive reviews and gave birth to the No. 1 Adult Contemporary hit single “Cups” by Anna Kendrick, which became a 2013 anthem.

Two sequels to “Pitch Perfect” were released in 2015 and 2017 respectively. You may view or rent each of the three movies. Here is where you may locate them.

What Happens In Pitch Perfect?

where to watch pitch perfect

The film’s plot centres on a young adolescent girl named Beca, who in a dramatic fashion emerges as the band’s main source of strength. Beca enrolls at a new college and struggles mightily to fit in with new people who frequently tease her for being average.

Beca works incredibly hard, though, and she eventually joins her college band. Some of the members of this band are really irritating, cruel, and clumsy, but overall they are interesting people. But their love of music is one thing that unites them.

Beca now joins them and, using her special skill, gives the group a fresh sense of inventiveness and vigour. Well, things aren’t quite going as well as they seem. While settling their internal difficulties, Cappell must compete against the most well-known all-male music band in a musical battle and prevail.

Can Beca save the day? Do watch this lovely musical drama and remember the good old days. Here is the information on how to access Pitch Perfect for free.

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Who Is in The Pitch Perfect Cast?

Adam Devine is the sole cast member for the programme who has been officially announced as of yet. Devine is well-known for his work in the films Workaholics, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, and The Righteous Gemstones in addition to Pitch Perfect.

Of course, it’s possible that additional Pitch Perfect cast members, such as Rebel Wilson, or, given that the series is set in Germany, perhaps Pitch Perfect 2’s Das Sound Machine members Birgitte Hjort Srensen or Flula Borg, will make an appearance at some point in the future.

January 26 update: Our suspicion was confirmed when Deadline reported(opens in new tab) that Flula Borg would be playing Piter Krämer from Pitch Perfect 2 in the Peacock original series. Peter, a former member of the Cappella group Das Sound Machine, is now a disgraced music manager who hires Devine’s Bumper Allen when one of his songs becomes popular in Germany. The Suicide Squad and Trolls: World Tour are among Borg’s other accomplishments.

Update March 4: According to Variety(opens in new tab), Jameela Jamil, Sarah Hyland, and Lera Above have been named as three new cast members for the Pitch Perfect TV series.

Jamil (The Good Place) will portray Gisela, a boisterous and showy up-and-coming German pop sensation who serves as the major adversary of Bumper and Peter’s ex-girlfriend on the show.

Hyland (Modern Family) will play Heidi, who serves as Piter and Bumper’s assistant but harbors her ambitions to become a singer-songwriter. Above (Anna), a well-known DJ and music producer in Berlin, will play Piter’s sister.

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Who Are the Pitch Perfect Creatives?

Executive producer and showrunner Megan Amram has been chosen to pen the Pitch Perfect TV series. The Good Place and Parks and Recreation are a couple of Amram’s prior credits.

The Pitch Perfect franchise’s original producers, including Elizabeth Banks, Max Handleman, Paul Brooks, and Scott Neimeyer, will all return and act as executive producers for this new installment. In addition to producing and acting in the movies, Banks also directed the two sequels.

The series’ directors will be Todd Strauss-Schulson (episodes 1 and 2), Richie Keen (episodes 3, 4, and 6), and Maureen Bharoocha (episode 5).

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Where to Watch Pitch Perfect

where to watch pitch perfect

The women’s a cappella group from Barden University, the Barden Bellas, are shown in the original “Pitch Perfect” as they attempt to atone for their humiliating loss to the men’s club, the Barden Treblemakers, at the national collegiate a cappella championship the year before.

The leaders of the gang, seniors Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp) and Chloe Beale (Brittany Snow) seek out freshman Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) to join. Beca, who is iconoclastic and rebellious, has new ideas about the types of music the group should be singing, while Aubrey, who is stiff, wants to continue with what has previously been successful, even if it is tiring and uninteresting.

They eventually figure out how to cooperate, and when they combine the old and the new, they rock the house. Additionally, Rebel Wilson, who plays the outlandish Barden Bella “Fat Amy” Hobart, steals every scene in which she appears.

With an HBO Max subscription, you may stream the movie. It can also be purchased, leased, or streamed on Apple, Amazon, or YouTube.