Where to Watch Predator? Locations to Watch The ‘predator’ Films Before ‘prey’!

Prey, currently available on Hulu for streaming, features the long-haired, helmet-wearing alien known as the Predator.

Prey, the fifth Predator movie, is a prequel to the first four movies in the series and is set on the Northern Great Plains of North America in the year 1719. The main character in Prey lacks access to heavy weapons and explosives, in contrast to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s machine-gun-wielding character in the first film. She is a Comanche Nation lady named Naru (played by Amber Midhunter), a skillful hunter who yearns to show the males in her society that she is a warrior.

And, hey, what is a better way to demonstrate her mettle than to defeat the enigmatic danger that has been putting the buffalo to death? Since this film is a prequel, you don’t need to have recently seen the previous Predator films to follow along. However, it wouldn’t hurt to review the Predator filmography since creators Patrick Aison and Dan Trachtenberg undoubtedly left some amusing Easter eggs for ardent followers.


Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, a veteran of the Vietnam War, and his military rescue team—Mac, Poncho, Blain, Billy, and Hawkins—are sent to Earth by an alien spacecraft to rescue a foreign cabinet minister and his aide from assailants. Despite Dutch’s protests, the squad is assigned to travel with CIA agent Al Dillon, a friend from the Vietnam War.

where to watch predator

While traveling, the squad comes across three skinned bodies and the remains of a chopper. Dutch recognizes them as Green Berets he was familiar with, and he questions Dillon’s motives. When the crew gets to the guerilla camp, they see a hostage being killed. They launch an assault, killing the majority of the rebels as well as a number of Soviet intelligence agents.

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  • Predator’s primary cast. Schwarzenegger, Duke, Black, Black, Weathers, Landham, and Chaves are pictured from left to right.
  • As Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • As Al Dillon, a former CIA agent and Dutch’s Vietnam War comrade, Carl Weathers
  • Anna Gonsalves, a rebel, is portrayed by Elpidia Carrillo.
  • Bill Duke plays Blain’s pal and machine gunner Sergeant Mac Eliot.
  • Richard Chaves portrays Jorge “Poncho” Ramrez, a specialist in explosives
  • The “Ol’ Painless” minigun is used by Jesse Ventura as heavy-gunner Blain Cooper.
  • Billy Sole is a tracker and scout played by Sonny Landham.
  • As Rick Hawkins, a radio operator, in Shane Black

Where to watch the Predator movies:

Anyone with a Hulu account should be happy to hear that almost all Predator films, including the Alien vs. Predator crossover films, are available to stream for free on the service. One exception is The Predator from 2018, which isn’t available on Hulu.

However, you may purchase or rent it via video-on-demand or watch it on FX with a cable login. The Predator films can all be purchased or rented on video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, and others if you don’t have a Hulu subscription.

where to watch predator

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Here are some places to view Predator movies:

Watch Predator (1987) on Hulu or VOD

Watch Predator 2 (1990) on Hulu or VOD

Hulu and VOD are places to watch Predators (2010).

FX (with a cable login), and VOD are places to view The Predator (2018).

Prey (2022) can be viewed on Hulu.

Viewing locations for the Alien vs. Predator films:

Visit Hulu or VOD to watch Alien vs. Predator (2004).

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) may be viewed on Hulu and VOD.

How to watch Prey in the United States online

Hulu has a stream of Prey (opens in a new tab). On Friday, August 5, it arrived at 12 a.m. ET. It’s 97 minutes for Prey. Only American citizens can access Hulu.

where to watch predator

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Along with a sizable selection of current and vintage TV episodes and films, Hulu also delivers critically praised original programming like Handmaid’s Tale and movie-only releases. The whole FX library is also included. A one-month free trial of the service is available before you subscribe for only $6.99.