Where to Watch Revolutionary Road? Revolutionary Road Is Currently Available on Epix!

Sam Mendes directed the romantic drama movie Revolutionary Road in 2008. Richard Yates’ 1961 book of the same name served as the inspiration for Justin Haythe’s script. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play the lead roles, and supporting cast members include Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour, and Kathy Bates.

The movie centers on Frank (DiCaprio) and April Wheeler (Winslet), a mid-1950s couple who are attempting to deal with their personal issues and the marriage’s subsequent dissolution. DiCaprio, Winslet, and Bates previously featured together in 1997’s Titanic. Revolutionary Road marks their second on-screen pairing.


Frank Wheeler meets April at a party in 1948. She wants to be an actress, while he works nights as a cashier and a longshoreman. April gets pregnant as a result of their subsequent relationship. They get married as a result, and Frank gets a job at Knox Machines selling. They relocate to a house on Connecticut’s Revolutionary Road after having their second kid.

where to watch revolutionary road

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Both their neighbor Milly Campbell and her husband Shep, as well as their realtor Helen Givings and her husband Howard Givings, become good friends with the pair. The Wheelers are the ideal pair in the eyes of their friends, but their union is strained. While Frank despises the monotony of his job, April is unable to build a profession out of acting.


  • As Frank Wheeler, Leonardo DiCaprio
  • As April Wheeler, Kate Winslet
  • As John Givings Jr., Michael Shannon
  • As Milly Campbell, Kathryn Hahn
  • the actor David Harbour as Shep Campbell
  • As Helen Givings, Kathy Bates
  • As Michael Wheeler, Ty Simpkins

A Place to See Revolutionary Road

Life is what occurs to you while you are preoccupied with other goals. — Paul McCartney In “Revolutionary Road,” the American Dream is seen being jolted awake by a nightmare. It takes set in the 1950s, a time when both Elvis Presley and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit were popular. It depicts a young couple who meet at a party, fall in love and start a family in a nice house with a well-kept lawn and “modern” furniture. They also have two kids, a job in the city for him, housework for her, and martinis, cigarettes, boredom, and desperation for each other.

where to watch revolutionary road

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Frank and April Wheeler are love-struck and think that living together will let them live out their fantasies. Their lack of fantasies is their problem. Instead, they are filled with yearnings—a need for something greater than a grueling journey into middle age. In 1955, Billy Wilder directed a film titled “The Seven Year Itch” about a restlessness that develops in some marriages after the honeymoon period is ended and the couple has been united for good, leaving an empty space in the middle.

where to watch revolutionary road

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Revolutionary Road: How to Watch

Revolutionary Road is currently available on Epix, Amazon Prime, fuboTV, Paramount+, and Hulu Plus. Revolutionary Road is available to stream on Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes by renting or buying.