Where to Watch Robots: Check out Disney+, Espn+, and Hulu to See if It’s Streaming!

Today marks the debut of Disney+’s new original series, More Than Robots. In this inspiring video, you’ll meet a team of youthful robot experts.

Throughout the world, More Than Robots follows four teams of high school students as they prepare for the International Robotics Olympiad 2020. While the obstacles they must overcome vary from team to team, they all have the same ultimate objective:

to win the world championships with their cutting-edge innovations. These ambitious youths learn to persist despite technical hurdles and pandemic catastrophes as they compete in the world of robotics. As the name implies, the robots are only part of the experience.

A Brief History of Robots

where to watch robots

Chris Wedge helmed the 2005 film Robots, which hit theatres on March 10. The runtime of this film is 1 hour and 31 minutes, and it is presented in English. Actors like Lucille Bliss, Jansen Panettiere, Terry Bradshaw, Crawford Wilson, Jim Broadbent, Alan Rosenberg, Paul Giamatti, Marshall Efron, Lara Cody, Will Denton, David Crommett, Darin De Paul, Greg Kinnear, Stanley Tucci, and Al Roke have all appeared in films starring.

Timothy Gulan, Ewan McGregor, Lowell Ganz, Paula Abdul, Harland Williams, Halle Berry, Paul Urm If you’re a paid subscriber to Hotstar, you may watch the film online there. The comedy, family, kids’, fantasy, science fiction, and animation film Robots has a bingeing rating in the 6.3s out of 10.

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Where to watch

When you sign up for Disney+, you’ll have access to the first episode of “More Than Robots.” Sign up now and get access to Disney and Pixar movies, plus Marvel movies and more for just $7.99 a month ($79.99 a year). Start here by clicking, and don’t forget to look at the Disney Bundle. Get Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for for $13.99 a month, a savings of $4.

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When Asked About the Disney Documentary, One Employee Said

where to watch robots

Four teams of international high school students are profiled in “More Than Robots,” which documents their preparations for the 2020 FIRST® Robotics Competition. Meet the Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Chiba, Japan teams as they prepare to take their innovative creations to the world championships.

Despite facing obstacles such as a lack of resources in their town or having to put their plans on hold due to a global pandemic, the kids persevere and discover that there is more to the race than simply robots.