Where to Watch Shark Week 2022? The Shark Week Slush and The Shark Week Blimp Are What?

Everyone’s favorite holiday is closer than ever now that it is actually July. And no, we’re not talking about July 4th, so put your sparklers away and replace them with snorkels because Shark Week is just around the corner. With its hours of programming showcasing the most dreadful predator of the waters, the yearly event marks the height of summer. People simply can’t get enough of the real-life Jaws, and after 34 years on television, it has cemented its place as a warm-weather classic.

An episode of Shark Week from the previous year included a Stranger Things-themed special, a Sharknado spinoff starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, and other shows with famous guests like Tiffany Haddish. We’re not sure how Shark Week will beat the extravaganza from the previous year, but we have no doubt they will!

How long till Shark Week 2022?

Shark Week will take place this year at the end of July. Watch from July 24 through July 31. This is Shark Week, so tune in on July 24.

When is Shark Week in 2022?

Discovery has not yet provided a start time for the first film of Shark Week, which begins on July 24.

At the time of publication, Discovery has not yet released the complete Shark Week 2022 itinerary, but we can anticipate receiving all the information in the upcoming weeks.

where to watch shark week 2022

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As of now, we are aware that The Impractical Jokers will appear during Shark Week with a unique special, but Discovery is remaining mum on further information. The good news is that they did hint at what to expect: “larger sharks, bigger breaches, and even bigger conclusions from the teams of dedicated scientists and researchers in the field.”

Shark Week 2022: How to Watch:

You can watch Shark Week on Discovery through cable or online at Discovery+. If you do not have a subscription to Discovery’s streaming service, you may still watch the network on YouTube TV, Philo, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and Hulu + Live TV.

Furthermore, if you only want to see the highlights, you can probably find some of the most gruesome Shark Week videos on YouTube, as Discovery regularly posts outtakes from some of its specials, such as 2021’s 5 Closest Shark Encounters.

where to watch shark week 2022

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Shark Week viewing instructions

Through live TV (cable, satellite, and streaming) subscription services, Shark Week is available on the Discovery Channel. The pre-premiere exclusives “Dawn of the Monster Mako,” “The Haunting of Shark Tower,” and “Great White Insurrection” are also available on the subscription platform Discovery+ where they may also be viewed online. Shark Queens, Baby Sharks, and Sky Sharks were among the specialties that National Geographic’s Shark Fest, a recent rival, debuted on July 10. Shark Fest specials are already available on Disney+ in the National Geographic section of the menu.

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The Shark Week Slush and the Shark Week Blimp are what?

Ice cream, video games, and haircuts have all partnered with Shark Week in the past to promote their brands.

where to watch shark week 2022

Two blimps, Shark Week East and Shark Week West are flying around the nation this year in an effort to gain attention on social media. Their current whereabouts are displayed on the Shark Week Blimp Tracker (Pennsylvania and Southern California as of this writing). Each Shark Week Slush at Sonic Drive-In costs $2.99. The beverage has strawberry puree and blue coconut slush, situating two gummy sharks in what appears to be a post-feeding frenzy slick of blood at the ocean’s surface.