Where to Watch Sons of Anarchy? Are Sons of Anarchy Available on Netflix Worldwide?

If you enjoy crime dramas but detest their repetitive clichés, Sons of Anarchy is the perfect binge. Alternatively, this FX series offers a novel perspective on the genre, one that is chock-full of gore, melodrama, and — of course — motorcycles. Jackson Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam, is a member of a Californian criminal motorcycle group.

The narrative follows Jackson as he struggles with his connections both inside and outside of the tight-knit, frequently hazardous, group, along with other gang members. The show had seven action-packed seasons, and thanks to its popularity, the network received a lot of very high ratings. Follow these instructions to watch Sons of Anarchy online.

How to watch Sons of Anarchy online in the U.S.

All seven seasons of the gripping criminal drama are available on Hulu. When you purchase a monthly subscription to the streaming service, you may view Sons of Anarchy as well as other popular television shows and motion pictures. Fortunately, the subscription offers a free one-month trial that can be easily canceled after it expires, allowing you to watch the series without having to pay any money.

where to watch sons of anarchy

If the month is up and you still want to watch Sons of Anarchy or other Hulu programming, you may renew your subscription for $6 each month. The platform also has a different subscription option that, for $12 per month, blocks all adverts. Hulu is the greatest — not to mention most affordable — way to watch the FX show online because both subscriptions come with the month-long free trial and all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy.

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How to Watch Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy may be seen right now on Hulu Plus. On Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu, you may rent or buy Sons of Anarchy to stream.

How to Stream Sons of Anarchy on Netflix in 2022 from Anywhere

My favorite television program is Sons of Anarchy. I was extremely disappointed that it wasn’t accessible in my area when I went back to Netflix to rewatch the series! This would not deter me from obtaining my fix of SAMCRO. After some trial and error, I discovered an easy way to get it on Netflix. A VPN is all you require. A VPN makes you appear to be in another location to streaming services like Netflix.

You only need to connect to a server in one of these nations to watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix Canada (as well as the UK and France, to mention a few). ExpressVPN is the best VPN out of the 35+ I tested. It boasts extremely dependable servers all over the world and lightning-fast speeds. Even better, you may give it a 30-day risk-free trial with a money-back guarantee, and if you’re not satisfied, request a refund.

How to Watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix Without a VPN

Only in specific nations are Sons of Anarchy available on Netflix. In contrast to the US and Australia, it is available on Netflix in Canada, the UK, and France. Due to license requirements, this is the case. Your IP address is changed via a VPN to conceal your location. For instance, Netflix will believe you are in this authorized region if you connect your VPN to a server in Canada.

You will have access to the entire Canadian library, which includes all seven seasons of SoA. Bypassing Netflix’s geo-restrictions with a VPN will allow you to effortlessly join Jax and his motorbike gang on their gun-running rampages!

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Are Sons of Anarchy available on Netflix worldwide?

Yes! You can access every regional Netflix library using a VPN. Only a few nations, such as Canada, France, the UK, etc., have Sons of Anarchy available on Netflix. You can access their individual libraries and watch the program as if you were physically present if you load Netflix and connect your VPN to a server in one of those nations.

Since Netflix is accessible in practically every country around the globe, getting a subscription is simple if you don’t already have one (except in places like China, Crimea, Syria, North Korea, etc.). In some nations, you can also enjoy a one-month free trial.

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To watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, follow these steps.

  • Obtain a VPN. Because it simply circumvents Netflix’s geoblocks and has really fast speeds, ExpressVPN is my fave. You can stream Netflix content from any nation, including Canada, France, and the UK.
  • Register for a Netflix account. Visit the Netflix website and register. Please feel free to omit this step if you already have Netflix.
  • Join a Canadian server on your VPN. Additionally, you can choose a server in Belgium, the UK, or France. If you don’t do this, you will only view Netflix content that is offered near where you are. Sons of Anarchy was what I watched on Netflix Canada.
  • Connect to Netflix. Return to Netflix and log in.
  • Watch SoA right away! Look it up and start watching!