Where to Watch Terrifier 2: Is It Streaming on Hulu?

The 2016 horror film “Terrifier,” directed by Damien Leone, ended with Art the Clown killing himself after being accused of mutilating Victoria Heyes by the police. This new film, “Terrifier 2,” picks up where the first film left off.

In addition to being written and directed by Damien Leone, the thriller also stars David Howard Thornton and Samantha Scaffidi, as well as newcomers Lauren LaVera, Elliot Fullam, Sarah Voigt, Kailey Hyman, and Casey Harnett. If you’re a fan of slasher movies and you enjoyed the first one, you’re probably curious about the sequel and where you can find it. Okay, let us fill you in on the finer points!

A Synopsis of The Second Terrifying Film

where to watch terrifier 2

After killing himself a year earlier, Art the Clown is brought back to life by a malevolent force in the second installment of the series. It seems like Art the Clown has returned to Miles County in search of fresh victims. On Halloween, he sets out to track down an adolescent girl and her younger brother. Now that you’re hooked, here are all the ways you can watch the suspense flick!

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Where to Watch Terrifier 2

where to watch terrifier 2

On October 6, theatres around the country will debut the sequel to the terrifying horror film. The film’s exclusive distribution rights were purchased by Bloody Disgusting, and it will premiere in theatres before being made available to stream on Screambox, which is run by the same people. No official word has been made on when Screambox will be available.

Do any of the Terrifier films exist on Netflix? Although the original Terrifier was available on Netflix not too long ago, it is no longer available. It’s available for no charge on services like Tubi, Vudu, and the Roku Channel. Both digital and traditional outlets sell or offer rentals of the film.

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Can I watch Terrifier 2 on Hulu? Unfortunately for Hulu viewers, “Terrifier 2” is not currently available to stream on the service. Subscribers can also watch more slasher films like “The Collection” and “Trespassers” on Hulu.

Can I watch Terrifier 2 on Amazon Prime? However, there are many more options to choose from on Amazon Prime Video if you can’t find ‘Terrifier 2’ there. With your membership, you have access to both “Stitches” and “Hatchet III: Rated R Version.”

Is the sequel to “Terrorist 2” available on HBO Max? Subscribers to HBO Max will need to search elsewhere to watch “Terrifier 2,” as it is not included in the HBO streaming service’s library. That shouldn’t stop you from exploring the other options HBO Max provides, though. You should check out “Friday the 13th” and “Texas Chainsaw 3D.”