Where to Watch the Black Phone? Is the Black Phone Going to Start Streaming Soon?

Less than a month after making its cinematic debut on June 24, “The Black Phone” is now accessible via home streaming. VOD providers like Prime Video and Vudu offer horror movies for rent or purchase. In the coming months, Peacock will also stream “The Black Phone.”

As The Grabber, a serial child kidnapper, Ethan Hawke plays the lead role in “The Black Phone.” Mason Thames’ character, Finney, is kidnapped by The Grabber, but he manages to get his hands on a phone that lets him contact previous victims. When Finney’s brother is kidnapped, his sister starts having psychic dreams about it.

Where Can I View the Black Phone:

UPDATE (7/18/2022): The Black Phone, which had only been in theaters for four weeks, is now available to buy or rent digitally on a variety of platforms, including Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube, and more, for $24.99 or $19.99.

where to watch the black phone

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Is the Black Phone Going to Start Streaming Soon?

A month or 45 days after the film’s theatrical release, The Black Phone became available on video on demand. Prior Universal productions like The Northman also did this. You should be able to watch The Black Phone on VOD in the middle of August 2022 if it follows a similar trajectory. Around the same time, you can anticipate The Black Phone to appear on Peacock Premium.

Is the Black Phone Coming to Peacock at This Time?

The Black Phone has yet to go live on Peacock Streaming. The Black Phone’s availability on the streaming service can be predicted based on this information. The Northman, a different recent Universal film, had a 45-day theatrical run before starting to stream on Peacock Premium. The next day, it was also available on VOD. If The Black Phone adopts a similar streaming release strategy, it should arrive on Peacock in the second week of August 2022.

HBO Max Will It Is Airing the Black Phone?

No. A Universal film, not a Warner Bros. one, is The Black Phone. Moreover, starting in 2022, HBO Max will stop streaming movies in theaters. (Last year, Warner Bros. decided to release its theatrical slate simultaneously on streaming, allowing HBO Max subscribers to watch films like Matrix Resurrections at home. Theatrical releases from Warner Bros. will instead run for 45 days exclusively in theaters before transitioning to HBO Max this year.) HBO and HBO Max may air The Black Phone at some point, but it won’t happen anytime soon.

where to watch the black phone

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Netflix Is Streaming the Black Phone, Right?

No time soon, Netflix won’t have The Black Phone. Even though it won’t be for another four years, the movie might eventually be available on Netflix. Focus Features and other live-action movies from the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group are now available on Netflix, roughly four years after they hit theaters, thanks to a partnership between the two companies.

Specifically, that refers to July 2026 in the case of The Black Phone. It would be best to visit a theater or wait for it to air on Peacock if you wanted to watch the movie as soon as possible because that is a long time to wait.

where to watch the black phone

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A Guide to Watching the Black Phone

On Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu, you may rent or buy The Black Phone to stream.