Where to Watch the Chi Season 5: It Is Streaming on Hulu and VPN!

The Chi is back for the latest instalment of the series following a season 4 that saw a political upheaval and changes in dynamics that will undoubtedly have an impact going forward.

Showtime has hinted that while the city undergoes its change in government, viewers can expect to see the characters focused on the complicated subject of love. Relationships between couples are put to the test, but so are those between parents and children, residents and their communities, and of course, self-love. What is known about The Chi season 5 is shown below.

When Will the Chi’s Fifth Season Episode Air?

where to watch the chi season 5

With the season finale, The Chi season 5 comes to an end. Don’t worry even though this may be disappointing news for fans who won’t get to witness any new episodes. The show has been given a sixth season.

The Chi season 6 finale will be broadcast live on Showtime on Sunday, September 4, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. On Friday, September 2, the episode can be watched a little bit sooner on the Showtime App. The summary for the episode “I Am the Blues” is as follows:

“Jada has Emmett’s support. Kiesha and Tiff reach an agreement. The strain on Douda grows. Trig makes a significant choice.” Don’t forget to view the preview for the upcoming episode.

By the way, you should read WTW’s interview with Rolando Boyce, who plays Darnell, if you’re like many fans and are curious about where this Darnell and Jada storyline is going. He discusses the couple’s relationship as well as his acting experience. We can also tell you who the new Fatima character in the show is, if you’re curious.

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Chi Season 5’s Storyline

The Chi’s fifth season’s plot is as follows, according to Showtime: “The Chi’s current season goes extensively into the numerous pleasures and difficulties of Black love, including relationships, children, careers, communities, and oneself. Tiff (Hannah Hall) and Emmett (Jacob Latimore) continue to co-parent while Tiff develops a stronger relationship with Rob (Iman Shumpert).

While Jake (Michael V. Epps) and Papa (Shamon Brown Jr.) try to work things out with Jemma (Judae’a Brown) and Maisha, Kevin (Alex Hibbert) discovers a new love in an unexpected place (Genesis Denise Hale). While supporting Lynae, Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) and Dre (Miriam A. Hyman) attempt to rebuild their marriage while new mom Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) builds her life with baby Ronnie (Zara Primer).

Darnell (Rolando Boyce) looks to the past for insight on his future with Dom, while Jada (Yolonda Ross) evaluates her life post-cancer and where Suede (Bernard Gilbert) fits in (La La Anthony). Tracy and Roselyn are at odds as a result of Roselyn’s (Kandi Burruss) new side endeavor (Tai Davis). While everything is going on, Douda (Curtiss Cook) and Shaad (Jason Weaver) encourage Trig (Luke James) to think about running for office to aid his community, but at what cost to him and his family?”

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The cast of The Chi Season 5

The Chi has always been the perfect example of a multi-character, multi-story ensemble drama. Regular cast members from Season 5 of the show include Jacob Latimore. With roles in films like The Maze Runner, Like a Boss, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the actor has made quite a mark on the entertainment world.

This summer, he’s expected to make another impression in the reimagined House Party on HBO Max. Alex Hibbert from Moonlight, Yolonda Ross from Treme, Birgundi Baker from Black Lightning, Luke James from Star, Curtiss Cook from West Side Story, Michael V. Epps from West Side Story, and Shamon Brown Jr. round out the core cast.

Additionally, The Chi will welcome back a number of well-known guest stars this summer. Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, La La Anthony, Jason Weaver, and most recently crowned Dancing with the Stars champion Iman Shumpert are just a few of the returning cast members.

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Where to Watch the Chi Season 5

where to watch the chi season 5

The Chi is a Showtime Original that airs in the US exclusively on the service. Anyone who wants to view the show must subscribe through their cable or satellite provider. However, live streaming services like FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV offer Showtime add-on memberships for an additional cost if you’ve given up traditional TV viewing. By going to the company website, you may also acquire a solitary membership to Showtime.

The Chi season 5’s premiere on UK streaming services has not yet been announced. With that stated, utilizing a VPN, or virtual private network, has been a successful way to watch US television programs abroad.

By altering your IP address, a VPN enables you to get around the common annoying digital boundaries so that you may view your favourite TV shows even when you’re away from home.

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