Where to Watch the Old Man Series? Where to Watch the Thriller Starring Jeff Bridges?

The countdown to the premiere time and date of The Old Man is now complete. And many Jeff Bridges and Thomas Perry fans may already be aware of it. This new series, in which Bridges portrays former CIA agent Dan Chase (from Perry’s books), as he attempts to live a quiet life outside of the agency, appears to be many people’s ideal television.

Check Out The Old Man’s Action-Packed Trailer!

who is exhausted from jogging? Dan Chase initially appears when he pulls out a rifle and drives his two adorable but tough rottweilers along a foreboding road in his van. The trailer shows him struggling with his past deeds while fighting for his life as someone from his past tries to kill him for something he did thirty years ago when he was still working for the CIA. This forces him to go back on the run. Chase always has his loyal rottweilers with him, and they frequently prove to be great companions as the group races down freeways while being closely pursued.

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Although Chase is constantly being warned by Assistant FBI Director Harper of the impending danger he is attempting to avoid, too frequently he faces the threat head-on and defeats it with his own brand of brutality. Chase starts to question who the true bad guy is and what he’s fighting for as he runs from the authorities and everyone who is seeking him.

What is The Old Man’s schedule?

The FX network and Hulu both provide The Old Man for viewing. It will simultaneously premiere on FX on June 16 and be made accessible to stream on Hulu at the same time, so you get to decide where to watch.

You can continue with FX if you like a set schedule in the traditional TV format, but if you require more freedom, the episodes are patiently waiting to be watched at any time on Hulu. You must have either a cable subscription that includes the FX Network or a Hulu account subscription with FX on Hulu in order to watch the series.

where to watch the old man series

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When Will The Old Man Be Released?

The first two episodes of The Old Man will air on FX on Thursday, June 16, 2022, starting at 10 PM ET/PT. After that, Hulu will offer its first two episodes for streaming. The episodes will be released one at a time each week after the show’s premiere until its finale on July 22 on both FX and Hulu. The first season of the show will consist of a total of seven episodes.

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How to View the Old Man

where to watch the old man series

The Old Man is currently available on Hulu Plus and fuboTV. The Old Man is available for rental or purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.