Where to Watch the Star Christmas Movie? The Star Christmas Movie Streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

Directed by Timothy Reckart, The Star is a 2017 computer-animated comedy film set in the Bible. [6] The screenplay was written by Carlos Kotkin and Simon Moore and was based on an original concept by Tom Sheridan, and it was inspired by the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. Sony Pictures Animation, Walden Media, Affirm Films, and The Jim Henson Company are all involved in the production of this film.

Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi are among the actors who lend their voices to the film, which also features the voices of Keegan-Michael Key and Kelly Clarkson as well as Patricia Heaton, Kristin Chenoweth, Tracy Morgan, and Oprah Winfrey.

The Star Christmas Movie Plot

When an angel visits Mary in “9 months B.C.”, she is told by the Lord that he will be born in her womb. One of Abby’s fellow animals overhears what she’s saying and tells the others as the first star of the night begins to shine brightly. One year after that, a young donkey has grown weary of grinding wheat and longs to join a royal caravan on the road.

When a little donkey is rescued from the miller who owns them, an older donkey ends up helping him escape with an injured ankle. Mary brings the donkey in and names him Bo, and announces to Joseph that she is pregnant, with Joseph understanding Mary’s condition after he prays to God. For the next three months, despite Mary’s generosity, Bo and his dove companion Dave scheme an escape, but they are forced to stay.

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The Star Christmas Movie Cast

Animals that play the most important roles

Young donkey Boaz, played by Steven Yeun, is loyal and apprehensive at the same time. He spots the star one night, believing it to be a sign that his life is about to undergo a dramatic shift. When he hears that the Royal Caravan is on its way to Nazareth, he decides to flee to join it. Nevertheless, when he meets Mary, he is more determined than ever to remain by his side and ensure that she is kept safe.
Dove is Bo’s best friend and is played by Keegan-Michael Key.

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where to watch the star christmas movie

In his quest to join the Royal Caravan, he joins Bo, but he is more interested in his own advancement than in the welfare of others. Aidy Bryant as Ruth – A bubbly, naive sheep who abandoned her flock to follow the star. When they get to Bethlehem, she joins them and Mary and Joseph. Bo initially finds her annoying, but he develops a fondness for her and they become close friends.
Thaddeus is played by Ving Rhames, a malevolent imprisoned purebred wolf who is anxious to find Jesus for his owner. Rufus (Gabriel Iglesias) is an alaunt who is Thaddeus’ buddy.
One of the camel trio’s leaders, Tyler Perry portrays Cyrus.

where to watch the star Christmas movie

There is an Amazon Prime Video version of The Star, however, it’s only available for rent or purchase for $7.99. The Star may be rented for $3.99 from YouTube Movies and will remain accessible for 48 hours following the rental.

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