Where to Watch the Woman King: Is It Streaming on Netflix?

Theaters have been hit with “The Woman King.” Gina Prince-Bythewood (“The Old Guard”) oversaw the production of this drama set in West Africa in the 1800s, based on a narrative by Maria Bello and a storyline by Dana Stevens. Many interviews have been given by Viola Davis (who also produced the film) and director/writer/producer Gina Prince-Bythewood about the lengthy process it took to bring this narrative to the big screen.

An outstanding ensemble led by Davis will be discussed below. Gersha Phillips, the film’s costume designer, dressed the female warriors in their fearsome garb alongside their male counterparts and other characters. Davis, along with many other fearless female warriors, performs some of the film’s difficult stunts and choreography by Daniel Hernandez (“Avengers: Endgame,” “Creed II,” “Venom.”).

If you’re a fan of Viola Davis or any of the other actors/actresses listed below and are curious about when/where you can catch “The Woman King,” we’ve got you covered.

The Woman King Who Is She Starring?

where to watch the woman king

The role of General Nanisca is played by Viola Davis. Nawi, played by Thuso Mbedu, is a feisty young recruit. The role of Izogie, one of Nanisca’s trusted guards, is played by Lashana Lynch. Amenza, one of Nanisca’s closest friends, is portrayed by Sheila Atim. They are played by John Boyega as King Ghezo and Jayme Lawson as one of his wives, Shante, respectively.

Actor Jimmy Odukoya plays the role of Oba, the chief of the opposing Oyo tribe. Portuguese colonizer Santo Ferreira is portrayed by Hero Fiennes Tiffin, and his friend Malik is portrayed by Jordan Bolger. Ode, played by Adrienne Warren, and Fumbe, played by Masali Baduz, are new members of the Agojie like Nawi.

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The Woman King: What Is It About?

In the film, General Nanisca leads her army of Agojie warriors into battle against the Oyo, led by Oba Ade. Oba made a pact with Portuguese slavers to sell captive enemies into slavery. Nawi is a willful young woman who, after disrupting an arranged marriage with an abusive man, is brought to King Ghezo’s palace by her father.

She has one goal in life: to become a ferocious Agojie fighter. King Ghezo is reclaiming the throne that his brother once held in his place after the latter’s untimely demise, and he is pondering whether or not to appoint a female co-regent to serve as a symbol of equality for women in his country.

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How Much of “The Woman King” Is Based on Actual Events?

Unlike Davis’s made-up persona, “The Woman King” is grounded in actual figures like Nanisca and Nawi, two soldiers. From 1818 to 1851, King Ghezo governed the Dahomean kingdom in West Africa. In “Black Panther,” the Dora Milaje is based on the Dahomey Amazon warriors (2018). Learn more about the film’s historical inspirations here.

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Where to Watch the Woman King

where to watch the woman king

Though Sony has only released “The Woman King” in theatres so far, the company does have a streaming partnership with Netflix, so it’s likely that the film will eventually be available to see online as well. When compared to other Sony films released in 2022, “Uncharted” took six months to get on Netflix while “Morbius” took five months. The only place to watch “The Woman King” right now is in a theatre.