Where to Watch Top Gear? How to Access Top Gear in 2022 from Anywhere?

Top Gear, a British auto show, has been airing reviews for years. This staple of the BBC has been running since 1977, and despite a format change in 2002, it is still going strong today. Given that it is being rebroadcast in 212 nations, it is currently the most watched factual television program in the entire world. The show’s original format is not distributed internationally.

It needs to be dubbed or subtitled for markets in other languages, and its content needs to be reviewed and altered to ensure that it complies with local laws in each country. Jeremy Clarkson, a cranky hothead, is the presenter most strongly identified with the program. The Friends actor Matt LeBlanc is one of the other former presenters. The show is currently in its 28th season and continues to receive high ratings under the direction of Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and former cricketer Freddy Flintoff.

Streaming Top Gear

Currently, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and fuboTV all provide Top Gear. Top Gear is available to stream on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu by renting or buying. Top Gear is accessible on Pluto without charge.

where to watch top gear

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How to Access Top Gear in 2022 from Anywhere

I wanted to rewatch some of the earlier seasons and specials of Top Gear as I waited for the newest season. Since it’s only available on BBC iPlayer and I’m not in the UK right now, I didn’t have much success. I eventually discovered a way to watch from any place after experimenting with numerous techniques.

By concealing your IP address, a VPN will allow you to appear to be watching from another nation. This will enable you to access your BBC iPlayer account when traveling abroad. Before I discovered my top picks for streaming, I evaluated more than 30 VPNs. I choose ExpressVPN because it boasts blazing-fast servers all throughout the world, enabling you to stream Top Gear with ease from any location.

Why a VPN is Required to View Top Gear

You can watch Top Gear on BBC iPlayer, but it will be blocked if you are not in the UK. Your IP address informs the platform where you are accessing a website each time you visit it. Many streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, utilize geoblocking to prevent you from using their services if they detect that you are not in designated areas.

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where to watch top gear

Your location is concealed with a VPN by masking your IP address. It creates the impression that you are accessing BBC iPlayer from the UK. You’ll be able to use this to access your BBC iPlayer account from anywhere.

You can unblock all of the seasons and specials of Top Gear that are accessible on BBC iPlayer, as well as any other shows you want to watch on the service, by using a VPN.

What Online Channels Carry Top Gear?

On BBC iPlayer, you may watch the majority of Top Gear. With a VPN, you may access your account from outside the UK and view all of the specials and many seasons. A VPN can be quickly and easily set up to connect from overseas.

Even though Top Gear is frequently available on BBC iPlayer, the earlier seasons are not yet available. Connecting to the US and using Amazon Prime Video to find them is advised. Both APV and the Motortrend add-on channel may be available for a free trial if you haven’t already signed up. You can access the first seasons of the show using both of these.

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Using BBC iPlayer to Watch Top Gear

Obtain a VPN. Because of ExpressVPN’s extensive server network, you can view any BBC iPlayer titles you want with confidence. Access a server in the UK. Open your VPN software and select a UK server.
Subscribe to BBC iPlayer. Create an account on the BBC iPlayer website. You’ll need to remember your UK ZIP code (such as E1 6AN). This step can be skipped if you already have an account.

where to watch top gear

Open BBC iPlayer and log in. To sign in, use your account credentials.
Watch Top Gear right away! Play Top Gear by searching for it.