Where to Watch Truth or Dare Movie? How To Enjoy Truth or Dare?

Jeff Wadlow directed the film, which came out on April 12th of this year. An English-language version of this film is available. A list of the cast members includes Vera Taylor (voice), Lucy Hale (guitar), Violett Beane (voice), Chasen Banks (voice), Tyler Posey (voice), Marcie Jean (voice), Hayden Szeto (bass), Ellie Laufer (drums),

Landon Liboiron (drums), Jake Delaney (voice), Sophia Ali (vocal), Alexis Jacknow (vocal), Nolan Gerard Funk (vocal), Logan William McPeak (VOC Horror and suspense fans will enjoy this film, which has received a 5.4/10 binge rating.


Others regard Olivia Barron, a graduating college senior, as a good girl who always puts the needs of others before her own. Her best friend Markie Cameron persuades her to go to Mexico with their pals instead of building houses with Habitat for Humanity during her last spring break. An old church has been turned into a drinking den for Olivia and Carter, a man she meets in a pub.

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Carter advises that they play truth or dare at this location. Markie’s boyfriend Lucas Moreno’s friend Tyson Curran admits to Olivia during the game that she has a crush on him, which she rejects. By telling them they must do as the game asks or be killed, Carter confesses that he deceived them into playing the game. At school, Olivia is confronted by hallucinations that ask her to choose between truth and risk.

She chooses “truth” and reveals that Markie has been unfaithful to Lucas on a regular basis. It is revealed to the pals that Ronnie had to commit suicide since he couldn’t accomplish a dare given to him. Lucas decides on “truth” and explains to Olivia that he has had feelings for her his entire life and that he still does. As their closeted friend Brad Chang is forced to come out to his father, Markie is compelled to break Olivia’s hand.

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where to watch truth or dare movie
  • Like Olivia Barron, Lucy Hale takes the role of leading lady.
  • Playing Lucas Moreno is Tyler Posey.
  • the actress that portrays Markie Cameron,
  • starring Hayden Szeto as Brad Chang
  • “Carter” / Sam Meehan stars Landon Liboiron.
  • Tyler Curran, played by Nolan Gerard Funk
  • portrayed by Sophia Taylor Ali as Penelope Amari
  • starring Sam Lerner in the role of Ronnie
  • “Giselle Hammond” played by Aurora Perrineau
  • Officer Han Chang is played by Tom Choi.
  • Callux’s voice actor is none other than Joe Ochman.
  • Actress Vera Taylor portrayed Inez Reyes in the film.
  • Ezmie Garcia portrays a young Inez Reyes, played by Ezmie Garcia
  • Randall Himoff, played by Andrew Howard
  • The demonic voice of Gary Anthony Williams.

How to enjoy Truth or Dare

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To watch Truth or Dare online, you can either rent or buy the movie from Vudu, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, or Google Play.