Where to Watch Why Women Kill: You Can Watch It on Netflix!

Why Women Kill is an anthology series starring Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Alexandra Daddario that takes a dark humour approach to the lives of women throughout decades who are dealing with the same fundamental challenges in their marriages that have always been present. What kind of reaction do you think ladies of different times will have?

Perhaps some people will be more equipped to handle these situations than others. Curious as to what the show is about and where you can watch it online? You are in the proper location at this time. In this article, you’ll find all the information you require.

What’s the Deal with All the Killing by Women?

where to watch why women kill

Women from the 1960s, the 1980s, and the present day, Beth Ann, Simone Grove, and Taylor Harding, are all happily married despite living in vastly different times. All of them, by sheer chance, have lived in the same house at one point or another. Nonetheless, they have more in common than just a shared interest in real estate.

They’re all in happy relationships, but at some point, they suffer from a communication breakdown that ultimately leads to the end of their partnerships. The subsequent cheating serves as the show’s main subject.

All three women hail from various eras and each has a very different social function in today’s world. Despite the closing of the gender wage gap as a result of more women entering the profession, it is striking to see that the characters react to infidelity in very comparable ways. The series distinguishes itself by going into further detail and by raising intriguing topics. Here’s everything you need to know to start streaming the show immediately if that’s when you decide to do it.

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Part One of The Series: Why Women Kill

Season 1 of Why Ladies Kill focuses on three different women from different eras who share a connection through their shared experience of living in the same mansion and experiencing marital problems. By all accounts, 1963’s Beth Ann Stanton was enjoying life as a stay-at-home mom… until she found out her husband was cheating on her.

In 1984, Simone Grove learns that her husband is gay and begins an intriguing romance with a younger, attractive man whose mother is a friend of Simone’s. An open marriage for bisexual attorney Taylor Harding in 2019 was tested when her girlfriend moved in with her and her spouse.

Audiences are encouraged to jump around from episode to episode, story to story, across the entire series. Therefore, viewers of Why Women Kill are following not one but three stories and three women’s attitudes and acts.

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Episodes from Season 2 of Why Women Kill

The second season of Why Women Kill centres on two female protagonists, Alma and Rita. Alma, a stay-at-home mom, hopes to join the women’s club led by the sophisticated and wealthy Rita. The story focuses on the two women and their relationships with their respective families. Further, a plot involving Alma’s daughter is depicted and followed.

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To What Online Service Can I Find Why Women Kill?

where to watch why women kill

‘Watch Why Women’ is available to stream via video on demand services like FandangoNow, Vudu, Google Play, the Microsoft Store, YouTube, and iTunes. The anthology of black comedies is also available on AppleTV and Paramount+.

There is a free trial period of seven days for both Paramount+ and AppleTV. In the trial period, you can watch the show for free on both services. Our users are strongly urged to only ever view premium material online.

Are you able to stream Why Women Kill? Why Women Kill is not yet streaming on Netflix. You can also view “Amar,” “Dark Desire,” and “Easy” with a Netflix or Hulu subscription, respectively. Can I watch Why Women Kill on Hulu?

The Hulu users who were hoping to see “Why Women Kill” will have to look elsewhere for the time being. Mistresses and My Sordid Affair, two comparable shows, are available on streaming services for anyone interested.

Is there a streaming version of “Why Women Kill” available on Amazon Prime? You can watch “Why Women Kill” whenever you want on demand with an Amazon Prime membership. In order to buy the series, please click here. If you have a Paramount+ membership, you may also stream the horror comedy anthology series on the service.