Who is Aoc Engaged To? She and Riley Roberts Her Long Term Lover Are Now Engaged!

Alexis Ocasio-Cortez, an American politician and educator, is worth $200,000. She was elected to the House of Representatives of the United States of America in 2018. The initials “AOC” stand for “Ambassador of the People.” She took office in January of this year. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney represents the 14th Congressional District in New York State.

Aoc Early life

New York City, New York native Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born on October 13, 1989. One of her siblings is Gabriel. Her parents are Blanca and Sergio Ocasio-Cortez. A small-business owner, her father died in 2012, and her mother is a housekeeper. The family relocated to Yorktown Heights, a quiet suburb when she was just five years old. There, she was an excellent student at Yorktown High School, where she excelled in her studies.

At the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, she finished second in microbiology. In 2016, her parents sold their Yorktown, New York, property for $355,000. She enrolled in Boston University after high school to pursue a degree in psychology. On top of that, she worked as an intern for Senator Ted Kennedy while in college, and assisted her family through a lengthy probate struggle following her father’s unexpected death.

is aoc engaged

In both cases, she has stated that they had a profound effect on her. In 2011, Ocasio-Cortez received a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations and economics from the University of California, Berkeley. A bartender and waitress after college, Ocasio-Cortez worked to keep her mother’s house from being foreclosed upon. At the same time as starting her own publishing company in the Bronx, she was also working for the nonprofit National Hispanic Institute.

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Aoc Engaged to?

Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the House of Representatives from New York, confirmed the engagement to Insider on Thursday. Yep! Yes, that is correct “In an interview with Insider, Ocasio-Cortez verified an unconfirmed rumor that she and Riley Roberts were in a relationship. Before beginning the planning process for the wedding, she told Insider that they got engaged in Puerto Rico earlier this month and were “taking some space to relish” their engagement.

“We got engaged in Puerto Rico last month,” she tweeted. As of right now, “no future plans are in the works,” and “we’re savoring this time before jumping into planning.” Later in the day on Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez announced her engagement on social media. Jessica Cisneros’ imminent primary runoff against Democratic Rep.

is aoc engaged

Henry Cuellar was likewise touted in an email sent by her campaign during this time period. As undergraduates at Boston University, Ocasio-Cortez and Roberts struck up a friendship. A long time ago, they began dating.

A 2018 documentary about Ocasio-primary Cortez’s campaign, “Knock Down the House,” included Roberts, who has remained largely out of the public eye. Rachel Lears, the documentary’s director, told Insider in 2019 that Roberts had a major impact on his partner’s political career. From an emotional standpoint, as well as from a strategic and practical one, he’s been a valuable partner, according to her.

It wasn’t until years later that acquaintances of the pair learned that Roberts and Ocasio-Cortez, who met at Boston University’s Coffee and Conversation in 2011, were dating, that they learned of their relationship. The pair split up when they finished college, and Roberts returned to Arizona. They resumed their romance in New York City a few years later.

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Aoc Career as a Politician

It was in Union Square in April of 2017 that Ocasio-Cortez began her campaign for the Democratic Party while concurrently working at a taqueria. She was the first Democrat to take against Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley since 2004.

Because of her lack of funds, she decided not to accept donations from companies, relying instead on a robust grassroots mobilization drive. Only once during the entire race did Crowley and his opponent meet face-to-face. A number of organizations, including MoveOn and Democracy for America, sponsored Ocasio-Cortez, although the majority of prominent political figures supported Crowley.

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During the primary election, Ocasio-Cortez garnered more than 57% of the vote in favor of her candidacy for the Democratic Party’s nomination. “Time” and other media sites have labeled it the biggest election upset of the year so far. She was outspent by a factor of 18-1. After that, on November 6, she faced off against Republican nominee Anthony Pappas.

Former President Barack Obama and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders both publicly endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ran unopposed, while Pappas chose to stay out of the race. The Democratic Party was able to take back control of the House of Representatives after it received 78% of the vote in the 2018 midterm elections.