Who is Kellie Pickler’s Late Husband? 5 Things to Know About Kyle Jacobs.

A devastating loss. Kyle Jacobs, the husband of country singer Kellie Pickler, was a behind-the-scenes celebrity in his own right before passing away at the age of 49.

The Nashville Police Department confirmed to TMZ, who broke the news first, that they received a call on Friday, February 17, in the afternoon regarding a guy who had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on the grounds of American Idol.

In a later statement to Variety, the Metropolitan Nashville Police confirmed that Jacobs had indeed passed away from what seemed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Who is Kellie Pickler’s Late Husband

Around 1:21 PM, the Department of Emergency Communications in Nashville received a 911 call. Friday from a residence on Sneed Road in the West Precinct of the police force. Police and members of the Nashville Fire Department responded, and they discovered Kyle Jacobs, 49, dead in an upstairs bedroom/office from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The announcement at the time stated that his death was being looked at as an apparent suicide. Kellie Pickler, Mr. Jacob’s wife, stated that she got up a short while earlier, did not see her husband, and started seeking him. The door to the upstairs bedroom/office was locked, and she and her personal assistant couldn’t get it open, so the assistant dialed 911.

Although not spending his entire life in the spotlight like his wife, Jacobs was regarded as a successful songwriter, guitarist, and pianist who wrote hit tunes for the biggest names in country music. The native of Minnesota wrote songs for musicians like Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw, and Garth Brooks, whose hit More Than a Memory reached No. 1 on the Billboard Chart.

Jacobs said to Us Weekly in December 2015 that his initial pickup line was, Hi, I’m Kyle when he first met Pickler in the early 2000s through a mutual friend. Jacobs had no reluctance in utilizing his fame in the profession as a tactic to woo the Mistletoe Secret star. I write songs.

Who is Kellie Pickler’s Late Husband

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Pickler made light of her response at the moment, telling us, I was like, Wonderful, with an eye roll. No, she said, we began writing the following day.

The singer of Don’t You Know You’re Lovely gushed to us about how wild she was for Jacobs when they got engaged in June 2010. She continued, “[And] he was crazy about me and I couldn’t picture being with anybody else.

Pickler hailed Jacob’s proposal as one of the most special days of her life while thinking back on the passionate occasion seven years after the couple wed in January 2011.

In 2010, Kyle and I were in Rosemary Beach, Florida, for what he claimed was just a vacation. That evening, following a special supper, we took a stroll on the beach to watch the sun set. Little did I know, however, that he had surreptitiously buried a little wooden box in the sand.

Who is Kellie Pickler’s Late Husband

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The musician recalled that the package contained a journal that he had written for her, a seashell with the name Faye of her grandmother written on it, and a stunning engagement ring. What’s so amazing is that Kyle was unaware that MY GRANDMA’S birthday fell on THAT day. It was as though my mother, a lovely angel, was endorsing us.

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