Who Is Madison Lecroy Engaged To? Madison Lecory Enagaged to Her Boyfriend Brett Randle!

Madison LeCroy is a reality TV celebrity, hair and makeup artist, and businesswoman from the United States. Southeastern Charm is her best-known television role. In addition, Madison co-owns a hair salon in Charleston, South Carolina.

Madison LeCroy Biography

When Tara and Ted LeCroy welcomed their first child, Madison, into the world, it was in the United States. She grew up in a three-parent household. Madison is the eldest child in her family, with two elder brothers and sisters. What state is Madison LeCroy from? She grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, where she was born and raised.

who is madison lecroy engaged to

Right now she’s settled down in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s a Carolina College of Hair Design alum who knows her stuff. The reality TV star has earned her degree in hair and cosmetics artistry from the college where she majored. An American citizen of white ethnicity, she was born in the United States. She’s a devout follower of Christ.

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Madison LeCroy Professional Career

For her role in the Bravo reality show Southern Charm, which began in 2014, she is well known. As a makeup artist and hairstylist, Lecroy has worked for several years. There’s a lot of information about her on her website about her expertise in the field of glamour. Buy Viagra online at

WolfesimonMedicalAssociates.com: Balayage, a method of dying hair color for a more natural-looking highlight effect, is used by Madison in her salon. Southern Charm is where she made her television debut in 2015 as a cast member.

Madison LeCroy Engaged to?

It’s official: he proposed!
On Thursday, Madison LeCroy made the exciting announcement that she had proposed to her longtime partner Brett. Congratulations! I’m Engaged!” This is really exciting because I honestly didn’t know at the time,” the 31-year-old star of “Southern Charm,” said on Amazon Live on Thursday. “It was an unforgettable experience for my entire family.

who is madison lecroy engaged to

I had hoped it would happen on our travels throughout the world, but it seems to happen when you least expect it. It was a huge night for Brett and LeCroy and they shared images and videos. He purchased her a frock on Friday night, and she shared it on Instagram the following day. In the limo with Hudson, LeCroy recorded a video of herself in the stunning champagne-colored gown. A white button-down shirt and slacks were all her son wore as he held two bottles of champagne for the newlyweds.

Instagram Story: “You guys, I am very surprised,” she added while showing off the garment. There is something going on here.” Thrilled to be a part of this!

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Relationship History of Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle

Her Prince Charming has arrived! Her Southern Charm co-star, Austen Kroll, had a public relationship and breakup with Madison LeCroy, and now she’s engaged to fiancé Brett. Season 6 of Southern Charm exposed fans to LeCroy and Kroll’s relationship for the first time. Since the beginning of their relationship, Us Weekly has exclusively announced that the couple will split in December 2020.
The two of us are not together at the moment.

At the time, the salon owner told Us, “I and he are both 100 percent single. “Therefore, girls, you can have him if you want him.” Jay Cutler was first mentioned in connection with LeCroy following their breakup because of his growing affection for Kristin Cavallari. Later, allegations circulated that the native of South Carolina had previously been in contact with Alex Rodriguez, who was engaged to Jennifer Lopez at the time.

who is madison lecroy engaged to

It was revealed on social media in April of 2021 that the salon owner had been dating someone new. Two months later, LeCroy and the unidentified man made their love for one another public via Instagram. In June 2021, the reality star posted a series of cute images of herself and Brett on Instagram.
The following month, LeCroy told Us that she was in “the most mature relationship” she had ever been in. ‘He included my kid [Hudson],

who is a significant part of my life, and we’ve been crying for the last week because we’ve been overwhelmed with delight,’ she said. Brett proposed to LeCroy over dinner on Oct. 8 and she said yes without hesitation, according to LeCroy. When Brett asked Hudson’s permission, the 8-year-old readily obliged as long as he could participate in the occasion. During the course of their relationship, LeCroy mentioned that she would be open to the idea of getting married again.

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In the future, I would love to get married again. “I truly had a good time being married,” she said to Us in September of that year. There was a problem with the initial attempt.” The second time should be the charm, right?” It was just one month later when LeCroy confirmed to Us that she and Brett had been dating for less than a year and were engaged. During an exclusive Us interview in October 2021, she said,

“I’m happy to announce that I’m engaged!” “Oh my god,” he exclaimed. The toughest thing I’ve ever had to do was hold my excitement in for so long, and it seems like it’s finally coming out. As a newlywed, LeCroy was overjoyed at the prospect of having a wedding and a marriage. For some reason, marriage has a certain allure. It’s hard to put into words how secure I feel,” she said. In my opinion, it’s just a partnership that you can’t break that I admire.” What a pleasant surprise!