Who Is Ray Liotta Engaged to? Jacy Nittolo and Ray Liotta Have Announced Their Engagement!

After starring as the title character in Martin Scorsese’s classic mafia film GoodFellas, Liotta became a household name. The actor Ray Liotta has had a long and illustrious career in both film and television. He died on May 26, 2022, at the age of 67, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. The Dominican Republic is where he passed away peacefully while filming a movie.

Ray Liotta Career

Actor Ray Liotta relocated to New York City after completing his academic education. When he started working as a bartender in a New York theatre, he started making connections and landed an agent. Liotta made his name on television as Joey Perrini in the soap opera Another World, which aired between 1978 to 1981. After deciding to go to Los Angeles, Ray Liotta shifted his career concentration from stage to film. The Lonely Lady and Something Wild was two of his first roles.

He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the latter film. During the 1989 filming of Field of Dreams, Liotta was cast as the spirit of Shoeless Joe Jackson. In 1990, Martin Scorcese cast Liotta as the lead in Goodfellas, a memorable mafia film that still resonates today. More than $46 million was earned in the United States alone. It’s widely regarded as one of the finest gangster films of all time by a wide range of critics.

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Who Is Ray Liotta Engaged To?

Jacy Nittolo, Ray Liotta’s fiancée, was engaged to the late Goodfellas star before his tragic death was announced on May 26, 2022. In December 2020, the pair confirmed their engagement over social media. According to NBC News, his spokeswoman Jennifer Allen confirmed the news of his death. According to Dangerous Waters’ creators, “We were profoundly grieved to learn of Ray’s passing, it’s a huge loss and our warmest condolences go out to his family,” they say.

who is ray liotta engaged to

That Ray Liotta and Jacy Nittolo Are Engaged in 2022

During the month of December 2020, the couple made an announcement about their engagement on their individual Instagram pages. According to the saying, “Christmas miracles do happen.” This was Ray’s caption for an Instagram photo of him and Jacy from that month. Thank you, God, for giving me the opportunity to marry the woman of my dreams! A few weeks later, Jacy posted an Instagram birthday tribute to her fiancé, calling him the “love of my life.”

Were Jacy and Ray’s Romance Low-Key?

Until recently, only a few pictures of Ray and Jacy Nittolo together have been posted to their social media accounts. A few romantic images of the couple were shared on Instagram, showing their fondness for one another. Jacy uploaded a picture-perfect moment of Ray holding a cigar in her mouth while they smiled at the camera in May 2021. ‘Smokin’ hot,’ she said in the description at the time of the post. It was announced in January 2022 that the brunette beauty and the Killing Them Softly actor had taken a vacation to the Virgin Islands. As they stood on the coast, Jacy wore a stunning short slit dress while Ray donned an off-white collared shirt and cream-colored slacks.

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Red carpet appearances with Jacy Nittolo and Ray Lotti were common for the two actors

Aside from the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Ray and Jacy didn’t make an appearance at many other high-profile Hollywood events. In November 2020, the actor from The Many Saints of Newark gushed about his love being there with him for the evening in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. At the time, Ray’s Facebook status read, “FBF — February 8th at the Spirit Awards accepting the Robert Altman Award with the cast of Marriage Story. “After the award show, my fiancé Jacy Nittolo and I went backstage to celebrate.

Jacy Nittolo Past Relationship

Jacy was previously married to Joseph “Joey” Nittolo, a producer, and they have four children together.

Even though she prefers to avoid the limelight, Jacy included all of her children in an Instagram photo for Mother’s Day in May of that year. “Celebration of Mother’s Day early with the team. “Missing @karsen Liotta,” she captioned a photo of her family, which included her children Chazz, Joey, Jade, and Dax.

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Ray Liotta and Jacy Nittolo’s Relationship Timeline

The coronavirus pandemic had an impact on their relationship, but Liotta later remarked that the worldwide health catastrophe really strengthened their bond. According to his statement to People magazine in November of 2021, he is now engaged to be married to the person he met.

A lot of people’s relationships fail because they spend too much time together, and I’ve heard about this from friends.” “However, she is a wonderful person.” At the age of 67, Liotta died in his sleep, preventing the couple from getting married. A representative for the actor informed NBC News that he was in the Dominican Republic filming Dangerous Waters at the time.

who is ray liotta engaged to


The Shades of Blue alum married Michelle Grace from 1997 until 2004 before meeting Nittolo. In December of 1998, Karsen Liotta, the couple’s first child, was born. Acting roles in films such as Hubie Halloween and Teenage Badass have followed in her father’s footsteps. In her early years, she frequently accompanied her father to work. When she has a free moment, “I always go with him,” she told Teen Vogue in July 2015. “I like meeting new people and hanging around on set.

” As for Joey Nittolo, Jacy was previously married to him. Daughter Jade and three sons, Dax, Chazz, and Joey, live with their parents. Mother’s Day celebrations with Ray were documented on Instagram by Jacy in May of 2021. Despite the fact that Karsen was unable to attend, her prospective stepmom included a special mention of her in her post’s description. At the moment, she wrote, “Early Mother’s Day celebration with the staff “. “I’m missing @karsen Liotta,” he tweeted.