Who Killed Batman? from Gotham Knights

Players of Gotham Knights can patrol Gotham City as Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. Then why not Batman? The gameplay and premise of Gotham Knights are centered around the fact that Batman is no longer alive.

Despite the fact that Batman is actually dead in Gotham Knights, many gamers seem to find it hard to accept. You should not apply if you expect to play Batman in Gotham Knights.

While the primary focus of Gotham Knights‘ campaign is on many active investigations, the major protagonists’ thoughts occasionally wander to Batman’s death and its possible causes. And why was Batman killed? The answer to that query, though, is both shockingly straightforward and oddly intricate.

Who Killed Batman? from Gotham Knights

Batman and his longtime foe Ra s al Ghul engage in epic and climactic combat at the beginning of the game. Batman is in pain from the arrow sticking out of his torso, yet he keeps fighting.

The characters appear to be on equal footing, but Batman is slipping because of his wounds. Additionally, Ra uses Lazarus Pits’ power to keep reviving himself. Although it wasn’t exactly a fair fight, Batman isn’t exactly known for his fairness in conflict.

Batman sets off bombs that are hidden throughout the Batcave so that Ra s can’t kill him. That backup plan brings bedrock, a mansion, and valuable family heirlooms weighing hundreds of tonnes tumbling down upon the combatants. Ra’s al Ghul thus dealt lethal blows to weaker men, while Batman essentially completed his task through mutually assured annihilation.

Who Killed Batman? from Gotham Knights

The narrative is over, right? Batman committed suicide to prevent Ra from setting foot in Gotham, right? That was only the first act, though.

Fast-forward to the conclusion of Gotham Knights, where Talia al Ghul, Ra s al Ghul’s daughter, unveils her grand strategy: use the Lazarus Pit to resurrect Batman. Oh, and to turn Bruce Wayne’s moral compass around and shape him into the next leader of the League of Shadows (also known as the “League of Assassins” in other media)

via the Lazarus Pit’s side effect of momentary insanity. If the story twist reminds you of anything, it’s definitely the Batman Beyond episode. In both versions of Out of the Past, Talia al Ghul submerges Bruce Wayne in a Lazarus Pit, but in the television version, Ra is manipulating Talia and seeking to implant his brain into a young Bruce’s body.

Returning to Gotham Knights, the Lazarus Pit-caused madness turns out to be only momentary, as Batman soon regains consciousness just in time to receive a sword to the abdomen.

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Even that injury, though, is insufficient to completely kill Batman. If that were the case, he would already be dead. Court of Owls members and their Talon henchmen swarm the Lazarus Pit just before Batman crashes the Batplane into it in the last moments of the game’s closing cutscene.

The majority of the organization, the pit itself, and Batman himself are all destroyed in the ensuing explosion. Therefore, “Batman” is the answer to the question “Who killed Batman?” However, in both instances, it is clear that the League of Shadows—more especially, Talia and Ra’s al Ghul—played a part in his fate.

Who Killed Batman? from Gotham Knights

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Nevertheless, Gotham Knights show that Batman is too tenacious to perish by anybody other than his own hand, even when he is out of his element. For him, even a single explosion driven by mutually assured annihilation is insufficient.