Who Murdered Ben? Only in Murders in The Building Season 3?

What is the main question that has to be considered before watching Only Murders in the Building season 3 on Hulu? We generally believe that it goes something like this: Who murdered Ben? What transpired here?

We are very aware of how early in the run of the show we are, and that there aren’t many answers available regarding the future. But we’re also going to try to talk about what we seem to know so far right now.

Ben is primarily a theater performer, played by Paul Rudd, and someone who has the propensity to irritate people. He was not a fan of Charles, and at the end of the season 2 finale, he gave him a very stern warning. We tend to assume that this indicates something because it’s not a side of Charles that we frequently see. The Avoid her comment applies in the same way.

Who then is she? One hypothesis is that it’s Lucy; another is that it’s Mabel. It’s also likely that Meryl Streep, a stage performer, will be portraying a new character in this movie. Charles’s angry tone might lead you to believe that he is a suspect, yet it seems almost impossibly unlikely.

Who Murdered Ben? Only in Murders in The Building Season 3?

It is slightly more valuable to have it be Meryl’s character for the time being. Just consider a few of the options here! You want a talented actress like her to have access to great material, right? The murderer not only wanted Ben to perish but also intended to make a big deal out of it.

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Another approach to either give an alibi or make it more difficult to determine where everyone was at a particular moment in time is to poison him. This death is somewhat strange even though it is so well-known. This paves the way for a lot of pretty exciting things as we go.

Maybe this is a red herring or Ben’s killer has some connection to the theater community. We also tend to believe that he is associated with the Arconia; if this is incorrect, does the show’s central premise change?

Who Murdered Ben? Only in Murders in The Building Season 3?

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Based on The Super-Limited Amount of Info We Have, Who Do You Think Killed Ben on Only Murders in The Building Season 3?

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