Why Prince Harry Feels ‘Relief’ Now That Netflix Doc and ‘Spare’ Memoir Are Done.

Nothing more to conceal. Now that he has been open about his history, Prince Harry is feeling upbeat about the future.

Prince Harry s Biggest Spare Bombshells: William Fights, Drug Details, More

The Duke of Sussex, 38, said in a sit-down interview with ITV’s Tom Bradbury that it has been a difficult process that has occasionally been therapeutic, but going over old territory to be able to complete these tasks correctly has required a lot of energy. Now that both of these projects have been finished, there is a great deal of relief. And I’m happy that we can now concentrate on the future.

His six-episode Netflix series Harry & Meghan aired last month, and his autobiography Spare will be released on Tuesday, January 10.

We always understood that these two projects—the Netflix documentary and the book, each of which tells a different story—were retrospective endeavors, don’t we? Harry clarified.

Why Prince Harry Feels 'Relief' Now That Netflix Doc and 'Spare' Memoir Are Done

They were essential. They were necessary for historical importance and fact. I don’t want my children or others their age to look back on their lives and think, “Wow, this is what occurred.” No, that’s not what happened, it seems. Every narrative has two opposing viewpoints.

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Prince Harry and Father King Charles III‘s Ups and Downs Through the Years

The founder of Invictus Games alleged that the royal family had fabricated unfavorable allegations about some members in order to elevate others in the docuseries and the book. Prince William allegedly once accused his father, King Charles III, of allegedly planting articles about his family in British tabloids, according to Harry’s new book. Harry also claimed that the king, 74, was responsible for spreading rumors about him and his wife Meghan Markle.

The working royals are less than enthusiastic, despite Harry’s apparent happiness in having his narrative published. Relationships between the royals and Harry have broken down completely, according to a source exclusively speaking to Us Weekly The Firm, but the Palace isn’t publicly commenting on Spare.

King Charles, who is 74 years old, does not desire any drama at his advanced age, the insider continued.

Why Prince Harry Feels 'Relief' Now That Netflix Doc and 'Spare' Memoir Are Done

The BetterUp CIO, though, would like to repair his family ties. In the Sunday ITV interview, Harry stated, “I want a family, not an institution.” They have made absolutely no effort to make amends. My dad needs to come home, please. I want my brother to come back.

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Prince William and Prince Harry s Complicated Relationship Over the Years

He still has some doubts about going to his father’s coronation in May. Harry stated that Charles and William would decide. The military veteran warned that a lot may happen between now and then.

Why Prince Harry Feels 'Relief' Now That Netflix Doc and 'Spare' Memoir Are Done

But the door is always open, you know. They now have the initiative. I sincerely hope they are willing to sit down and have a conversation because there is a lot to talk about.