Windows Terminal: The Best 3 Methods for Installing Windows Terminal!

You will find out how to download and set up Windows Terminal on your computer in this post. Let’s examine the installation procedures and the fundamentals of Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal is already installed if you are using Windows 11. On Windows 11, right-click the Start button and choose “Windows Terminal” from the menu to launch the Windows Terminal.

According to Microsoft, users of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL can use the Windows Terminal, a contemporary, quick, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application. All Windows terminal emulators are supported, and it can execute any command-line application in a different tab. Simply said, the Windows Terminal is a fusion of the Command Prompt, PowerShell, Azure Cloud Shell, and WSL.

Windows Terminal Installation Methods

Below is a list of the several methods for installing Windows Terminal on your computer.

The recommended way to install Windows Terminal on your computer is to do it through the Microsoft Store. It allows you to always be on the most recent version with automatic upgrades when you install it from the Microsoft shop.

You can install Windows Terminal using PowerShell if you don’t like accessing the Microsoft Store. You must first install Chocolatey before installing Windows Terminal in order to use this technique.

windows terminal

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Get Windows Terminal from GitHub – Using this technique requires manually obtaining and installing the Windows Terminal from GitHub. Windows Terminal won’t routinely download new updates if you install them from GitHub.

  • Using the Microsoft Store, install Windows Terminal.
  • from the Microsoft Store, install Windows Terminal.
  • Click Start to open the Microsoft store on your Windows machine.
  • Click the Search button and enter “Windows Terminal” in the Microsoft Store.
  • After selecting Windows Terminal, click Get.

The Microsoft Store is not required in order to download the Windows Terminal. Simply click No to start the Windows Terminal download and installation when prompted to sign in.

Using Power Shell to Install Windows Terminal, Method 2 | Chocolatey

Chocolatey is a leading Windows software management automation that compiles installers, executables, zip files, and scripts into packages. This is a highly well-liked tool that many PowerShell users consider to be among their favorites.

If you haven’t already, you can install Chocolatey using PowerShell. Run the following command while running PowerShell as an administrator.

windows terminal

Let’s install Windows Terminal after installing Chocolatey in the same PowerShell window.

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The Third Approach Is to Download and Set up Windows Terminal from Git Hub.

You can manually download Windows Terminal from the GitHub repository’s Releases page if you’re unable to install it from the Microsoft Store.

Both stable and preview versions of Windows Terminal are available on the GitHub Windows Terminal releases page. Choose a Windows Terminal stable release, scroll down to Assets, and then download the. msixbundle file.

windows terminal

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Click Microsoft.WindowsTerminal.msixbundle with the right mouse button, then choose Open to install Windows Terminal on your PC.

Click Install in the window titled Install Windows Terminal. Now, Windows Terminal is installed. After installation, the tool should start up.