Winners of “Survivor” Throughout the Years: Where Are They Now?

Although it’s not an easy game, someone has to play it! When Survivor first premiered in 2000, it swiftly rose to popularity among viewers and dominated the ratings for CBS.

The reality show has advanced significantly over the years, giving one lone Survivor $1 million each season for surviving 39 days outside. With formatting, plot twists, and new locales being added, host Jeff Probst, who has been in charge of the program from its debut, has also been flexible. The program has its share of controversy, too.

The #MeToo movement was directly addressed on the show in 2019 after castaway Kendall Kim accused Dan Spilo of sexual touching. He received a warning before being sent home.

For many of the players and supporters, it’s a horrible circumstance that has never happened before and is still very raw. Probst, 58, told Entertainment Weekly that everyone was attempting to learn from it. We’ll undoubtedly apply the lessons from the Dan incident to how we handle instances like this in upcoming seasons. The conversation about potential future changes has already begun.

Although Sarah Lacina indicated during an episode that male players’ gameplays are commended while women’s are seen as artificial, phony, and bitchy, the host later acknowledged that he had a gender bias in the early seasons.

Winners of "Survivor" Throughout the Years: Where Are They Now?

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The Producer Also Accepted Responsibility for His Own Mistakes in The Incident.

I’m confident that if I reviewed all of my remarks over the past 20 years, I would discover the same bias towards those I refer to by their last names. Probst noted in the Winners at Ware episode is that guys have different relationships with one another, and I might not know how to have that relationship with a woman.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t see it when Survivor first started and that I probably didn’t even know I was meant to search for it. But now that I’m fully aware of it, I’m appreciative that we can be honest and look into it, even though it comes with a crisis, suffering, or even some tears. Whatever it is, it’s public and getting attention.

Winners of "Survivor" Throughout the Years: Where Are They Now?

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During the course of its 41 seasons, the show has named 39 winners, including two amazing castaways who won twice. The winners for today are listed below if you scroll down: