Wrong Turn Where to Watch? All Wrong Turn Movies Are Available on Amazon Prime!

Fans of the macabre, unite! The much-loved Wrong Turn film series will be expanding this week with the release of Wrong Turn (2021), also known as Wrong Turn: The Foundation globally. The latest Wrong Turn film, directed by Mike P. Nelson, is about a group of friends who are hiking the Appalachian Trail and come upon the “Foundation,” a community of individuals who live in the mountains and have grown more and more hostile to outsiders over time.

The current COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Wrong Turn’s distribution, as it has on a lot of recent movies, and now viewers presumably have issues about how to watch the horror movie. Wrong Turn 2021 is available where? Can I stream Wrong Turn? Detailed information is provided below.

Where to Watch Wrong Turn 2021

Sadly, Wrong Turn (2021) cannot yet be watched online, but Lionsgate has stated that the movie will be made available on demand (as well as Blu-ray) on February 23. Put a reminder on your calendars! The seventh installment of the Wrong Turn series has taken a while to get made. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a postponement of the horror movie’s 2020 release date in favor of 2021.

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The movie’s one-night-only premiere in theaters on January 26, 2021, was announced by the film’s distributor, Saban Films, in December. Of course, the bulk of viewers missed the new movie’s one-day theatrical debut, but now that it’s going on digital VOD, you can stream it as much as you want.

Wrong Turn 2021: Where to Watch the Other Movies

Fans can easily satiate their hunger with the previous six movies even though the new Wrong Turn revival may not be available for legal streaming quite yet. You should have no trouble setting up a terrifying movie marathon as all six Wrong Turn movies are readily available for rent or purchase on Amazon, iTunes, or other digital on-demand platforms.

  • locations to see Wrong Turn (2003)
  • Watch Wrong Turn 2: Dead End online
  • Viewing locations for Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead
  • Viewing locations for Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
  • Viewing locations for Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
  • Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort streaming locations


Including 2003 original, none of the Wrong Turn films are now accessible to stream on Netflix.

Tips for Watching Wrong Turn

Right now, Wrong Turn is available on Showtime and fuboTV. On Vudu, you may rent or buy Wrong Turn and stream it.

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Charlotte Vega, Matthew Modine, and More in Wrong Turn 2021 Cast

The Wrong Turn remake cast is filled with skill. The Misfits Club’s Charlotte Vega, Stranger Things’ Matthew Modine, Bunheads’ Emma Dumont, Guilt’s Daisy Head, and The Pale Door’s Bill Sage are among the stars of Wrong Turn (2020). The Wrong Turn VOD release date has been added to this article.

Do all Wrong Turn films have a home on Hulu?

Yes, Wrong Turn has a new season on Hulu. The normal, ad-supported version of the streaming service would cost $6.99 per month instead of the previous $5.99, as part of an increase in subscription fees. From $11.99 to $12.99 per month, the ad-free version will increase. Hulu + Live TV, which costs $13.99 a month, will not be affected by the price hike.

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All Wrong Turn movies are available on Amazon Prime.

Yes, it’s available through Amazon Prime, but you’ll need to either rent or buy it. Amazon Prime Video has every Wrong Turn movie available. You would pay $3.99 for each rental, which is valid for 48 hours after you begin watching. Purchases range from $7.99 to $14.99 per movie. Would you rather watch all seven Wrong Turn movies at home or embark on a trip like this with your friends? But because you never know when they might show up, make sure to secure your doors and keep an eye out for cannibals.