The Best Place to Watch Yellowstone Season 5

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, named the most-viewed cable drama of last year by Variety, is back for a fifth season. In contrast to previous seasons, this one will air 14 total episodes over two chunks of seven episodes. And it’s safe to anticipate that the Dutton family will experience just as much turbulence this season as they have in seasons past. John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the show’s patriarch, becoming the governor of Montana in Yellowstoneseason 5 strengthens the Duttons’ influence and establishes the season’s interesting concept.

Yellowstone is a television series that follows the Dutton family, headed by John Dutton, who owns the biggest contiguous cattle ranch in the country. The ranch is always at odds with those it borders, including a burgeoning town, an Indian reserve, and America’s first national park. This is because of unresolved killings, raw wounds, shifting alliances, and hard-earned respect. The Dutton family strives to protect their ranch and way of life from an Indian reservation and land developers, according to the official season 5 synopsis from Paramount. The Duttons are strained by medical concerns and family secrets, and their future is threatened by outside relationships and political aspirations.

The Best Place to Watch Yellowstone Season 5

The first half of Yellowstone’s fifth season debuted on the Paramount Network on Sunday, Nov. 13, and is scheduled to air once a week until Dec. 18 before taking a break for the holidays and returning for its second half. Here’s how to stay current for the remainder of the season.

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Where You Can Watch Season 5 of Yellowstone

Yellowstone, season 5, airs on the Paramount Network every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET. On other Viacom channels including CMT and MTV, episodes from this season are also available to watch live and in reruns. In the event that you are unable to watch new episodes live, the majority of cable providers and live TV streaming services also give an on-demand or DVR option.

The Best Place to Watch Yellowstone Season 5

If you missed last night’s two-episode season 5 premiere, you can watch the first episode for free on the Paramount Network website for a limited time and sign up for a free 24-hour pass to stream Paramount Network content that requires a cable log-in. However, keep in mind that this is not the same as the streaming service Paramount+. Season 5 of Yellowstone is the only season that can be watched in the U.K. due to streaming rights, although it is not at all available on Paramount+ in the United States.

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Seasons 1-4 are also not available to stream on Paramount+ in the United States, but rather on NBC Universal’s streaming service Peacock, which just adds to the confusion. Do you understand it? Without a doubt. You should be good to go for season 5 as long as you have a cable or live TV subscription with the Paramount Network, such as Philo, YouTubeTV, fuboTV, or Sling.