Youtube Darkmode: In The YouTube Mobile App, Follow These Steps to Enable Dark Mode!

It is not a good idea to spend a lot of time following YouTube’s breadcrumb trail of suggested videos since it is a dark realm full of disinformation and radicalization rabbit holes. However, lowering the background of the video streaming service by activating its night mode could assist lessen glare if you or a loved one still insist on doing so — or are cockily sure in your special ability to defy the YouTube algorithm, Pied Piper.

When using YouTube’s desktop website, follow these instructions to enable dark mode.

Launch YouTube.

When logged in, select the profile icon in the top right. To log in, click the vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner that says “if you aren’t already. An options menu will appear.

Activate “Appearance” (it will be next to a crescent moon icon). It will bring up a different menu.

Go with a “Dark theme.” If you wish to switch back, you can select “Light theme,” and if you want YouTube to use the same theme as the rest of your computer, you can select “Use device theme.”

youtube darkmode

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In the YouTube mobile app, follow these steps to enable dark mode.

Launch YouTube.

The profile symbol is located in the top right corner. An options menu will appear.

After selecting “Settings,” select “General.”

Toggle the “Dark theme” on or off by tapping the button.

youtube darkmode

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The night mode on YouTube won’t do anything to prevent your thoughts from wandering into perilous conspiracy ideas. However, it might at least prevent some eye fatigue.