Zoe Saldana Complains That They Delayed “Avatar 5” to 2031: “Great! In a few years, I’ll turn 53!

Zoe Saldaa is aware of the time. The release date for Avatar 3, the next movie in the series, has been moved back, according to news reports. The movie was supposed to come out next year, but now it won’t come out until 2025. That also means that the sequels will be moved to the right time.

Salada, who plays the alien Neytiri, told her Instagram followers about the new date. Its title, “Great!” said it all. When the last ‘Avatar’ comes out, I’ll be 53 years old.”

She also said, “When I shot the first “Avatar,” I was 27 years old.” The delays have been blamed on the fact that each episode needs a lot of CGI.

In response to the news, producer Jon Landau wrote on Twitter, “Each ‘Avatar’ film is an exciting but epic project that takes time to make to the level of quality we as filmmakers strive for and audiences have come to expect.” The team is working hard and can’t wait until December 2025 to bring people back to Pandora.

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James Cameron will be 76 years old if Avatar 5 comes out in 2031. Jake Sully will be played by 54-year-old Sam Worthington. Sigourney Weaver, who has had many parts in the series, will be 81 years old.