Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 8 Reveals: Big Van Shift Coming Up?

Yellowjackets season two episode 8 will premiere on Showtime in less than 24 hours, and it’s safe to say that major things are in store. Both the ladies on the squad today and a large portion of the team in the past can attest to this.

However, for the purposes of this piece, we want to focus on what is happening to the plane accident survivors in the wake of Shauna’s baby’s death. It’s a significant turning point for this character as well as some of those close to her.

This applies to Van as well, who had previously tended to focus more on the show’s paranormal subplots. She had faith in Lottie, but what had happened to the infant might have changed her mind. To be more precise, this jolts the protagonist back to reality in a crucial way that might serve to alter everything going ahead.

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Here is some of what Liv Hewson, who portrays the younger version of Van, had to say about this situation in a recent interview with Collider Forces:

The baby’s death caused a true gear shift, which is what is depicted in that scene. Van has been clinging to this theory up until that point, especially with the ritual activities that Lottie has instructed the group to engage in.

It goes something like this: “Well, but it works because I did survive the wolf attack, and you were wearing my deer bone necklace in the tree and you were totally fine while I had my face torn open.” She’s correct; you were sleepwalking but aren’t anymore.

Van has been clinging desperately to the notion that there is still hope in this situation and that, even if we are unable to flee or receive assistance, we can survive if we just lean into this thing, even if we don’t fully comprehend it. Then the infant passes away, leaving you wondering, “What the f* am I doing?” Winter is still going on, we have nothing left to eat, and the baby passed away.

Yellowjackets season 2

It was also awful. Shauna is still present, but for how long and by what margin? I do believe it’s time for us to all awaken. Although she isn’t necessarily giving up, there has been a change in what she believes and how much optimism she has.

In essence, the Yellowjackets may see some things differently in the future, and this phrase does explain why Van seems to be more at ease now. She is no longer clinging to the same things! That is crucial to comprehend where she is right now and, consequently, where she might end up in the future.

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