7 Best Mods for Pc Building Simulator: Check Here Pc Building Simulator Step-By Step!

The full edition of PC Building Simulator, which includes a recent upgrade, has recently left Early Access and is now accessible through Steam. In this game, players build their own company where they can modify PCs however they see fit.

The vanilla version of the game has a lot of intriguing possibilities and features. However, if you want to spice things up, you can download and install a variety of specially created game modifications. You can choose from the top PC Building Simulator mods with the help of this list. Check out all of them because they bring some of the most potent equipment in the market and a few custom creators to the game.

Level 30 Save Game

With the help of this mod, you can start PC Building Simulator with $25 million in your bank account, ensuring that you won’t have any difficulties as your PC business expands. This mod will be adored by all players, novice and expert alike, who can’t wait to do great things in the game.

In addition to offering a wealth of resources right away, it also unlocks the PC Bay, enabling you to distribute and sell your PCs in a secure manner and earn even more money.

7 Best Mods for Pc Building Simulator

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RTX 2080ti Watercooled

  • PC Building Simulator now supports the installation of the newest flagship graphics card from Nvidia. Some of the most cutting-edge developments to date are included in this monster of a card, including:
  • In comparison to the previous generation of graphics cards, the Turing GPU Architecture offers 6x the performance.
  • Data communication is 50 times faster than before thanks to link Bridge, a new SLI technology.
  • The first graphics card to utilize GDDR6, the most recent memory technology with greater bandwidth (16 Gbit/s) and lower operating voltages (1.35 V).
  • You can overclock the RTX 2080ti as much as you like because this update also adds a water cooling system.

PCBs RAM Creator

Here is the greatest modification for you if you don’t give a damn about the RAM industry’s current technology and want to make your own unique memory chips.

With PCBS RAM Creator, users may create any form of RAM from scratch or from pre-existing models, including their own custom chips. Furthermore, this modification is interoperable with other modifications, allowing you to use RAM Creator to edit chips created with other modifications.

Updates in the future will add even more settings to the current UI, which will increase the fun factor of using this mod.

AM3 / FX Mod

Fans of AMD motherboards and processors should install this mod. Three AM3+ motherboards, 17 FX CPUs, and 10 DDR3 RAM modules are added. You should have a ton of fun building new PCs using the components in this mod because everything here is entirely new to the game. The mod’s designer is also developing a custom FX CPU, which ought to be included in the mod soon. You will be able to use a brand-new, specially created FX processor that is only available with this patch.

7 Best Mods for Pc Building Simulator

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Alternative Sounds

Here’s a change of pace with something unique. The gameplay elements of the PC Building Simulator are unaffected by this mod, however, the noises in the game are altered. The following audio files can be changed if you don’t like the noises that are present in the vanilla version by switching to Alternative Sounds:

  • Starting up Omega OS
  • An updated email notification
  • a mouse click
  • Doors
  • Desktop Fan

Compressed Air Can

The noises used in this mod were derived from Fallout 4 and Windows, and some were even captured live in an office setting. Please download this mod from the links below if this appeals to you.

Intel XEON Platinum 8180

One XEON Platinum 8180 from Intel will run you about $10,000, making them some of the most costly server CPUs in the world. The majority of PC aficionados will therefore never get the chance to test out this beast in the real world.

Nevertheless, this hack brings the Intel XEON Platinum 8180 to PC Building Simulator with all of the same features as a genuine one. Even if the CPU’s clocks may be modified and made faster in the next updates, it now offers the best performance of all the CPUs in the game.

7 Best Mods for Pc Building Simulator

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Custom GPU Maker

Anyone can build their own unique GPUs using this straightforward mod’s provided Python script. You can use as much creativity as you like, and the procedure is really easy.

At this point, all GPUs made in Custom GPU Maker will resemble a GeForce GTX 1080; their specifications, however, will vary based on your preferences. However, with later upgrades, you might be able to customize the appearance of each of your custom GPUs.