Android Secret Codes and Hacks: The Top 8 Android Secret Security Codes-Check Latest Updates!

With over 2.5 billion devices running on it, Android is currently the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide. Additionally, you might already be familiar with USSD codes if you’ve been using an Android device for a time.

USSD codes, sometimes known as “secret codes” informally, are just codes that are used to unlock restricted functions in your smartphone. You can access hidden functions on your smartphone using the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) user interface protocol.

27673855# (Wipe Your Device and Reinstall Firmware) (Wipe Your Device and Reinstall Firmware)

This is one of the best Android security codes you can use to instantly erase all data from your device. Think of it as a factory reset; simply enter this code into your phone’s dialer and press the “run” button to completely erase all of your phone’s data.

Android Secret Codes and Hacks

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##7780## (Run a Factory Reset)

This is the next best thing if you don’t want to perform a hard reset. This code will simply erase all application data from your device and any installed applications, much like a factory reset. Then, it will reset your device to its original settings.

This is the ideal option if all you want to do is delete all of your personal information, apps, and app data from your smartphone without going through the added trouble of wiping everything and downloading the firmware again. If you’re selling your phone to someone else, that makes it wonderful for your privacy.

(Check the device’s IMEI) *#06#

Another crucial code you can use to confirm the device’s IMEI matches the one listed on the box is this one. The IMEI is typically printed on the back of newer cellphones, but you can double-check it using this code if you’re not sure. To get the IMEI, just open the dialer and enter the code. When you perform this on a Samsung Android handset, the device’s serial number will also be displayed. This is crucial for security reasons, particularly if you’re purchasing a previously owned gadget.

Android Secret Codes and Hacks

#0# (Activate General Test Mode)

Have issues with your Android phone? It makes sense that you would be wary about outside interference. On your Android device, enter this code to reveal a long list of capabilities, including:

testing by touch.

  • anterior cam.
  • LED.
  • Under key.
  • Testing the barcode emulator.
  • type of device.
  • An RGB test.
  • testing the grip sensor.

You can use this mode to test certain features if you think your device has been compromised at the root level. Each module may be tested independently, from the device version to the front camera.

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##232338## (Displays the MAC Address)

Every device is given a specific address known as the MAC address, or Media Access Control address. It is significant because a computer may be uniquely identified using it while linked to a network. If you have any doubts regarding MAC spoofing on the device, you can see the MAC address on the device and compare it to other MAC addresses on your network to make sure they match.

##49862650468##* (Important Firmware Info) (Important Firmware Info)

This code is significant since it provides vital information about the device’s firmware. The code outputs firmware details for the PDA, phone, hardware, and RF call date, which is also known as the production date. You can use this code to check the firmware details if you suspect that your device’s firmware has been tampered with.

##7594## (Change The Power Button Behavior)

You can make use of this code to alter the power button’s behavior. With this code, you can turn off your phone without ever seeing the Power Menu, as opposed to needing to press the power button and then choose an option from the Power Menu. This code can be useful if you need to swiftly turn off your device under risky circumstances. The gadget will ask for a passcode the next time it turns on, protecting your data in the event that it is stolen.

Android Secret Codes and Hacks

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#3282727336*# (View System and Storage Information)

You can inspect system and storage data with the help of this crucial code. This code allows you to view data using statistics as well. While it is difficult to fake such data, it is possible. You can obtain precise details about the device’s internal Android operating system and accessible storage by entering this USSD code. When you use this code, your screen will display any data usage on the device as well.