How to Fix If FireStick Remote Is Not Working (Sep 2022)

You’ve landed in the right place if your Firestick remote is malfunctioning or won’t pair. My wife and I were watching a movie on my FireStick one evening. I had made it about an hour into the film when I stopped to grab a drink from the fridge. Without success, I extended the Fire Stick remote toward the screen in an attempt to pause the film. Over and over, I tried to stop the movie by pressing the buttons, but the device never responded. With the expectation that a reboot would do the work, I unplugged the power source.

The FireStick restarted successfully, but the remote stopped functioning. It was a while before I figured out that the remote for my Fire Stick wasn’t working. If you’ve experienced the same problems with your Amazon Fire Stick remote, you’ll want to have it addressed. So, I’ll go over the numerous factors I’ve identified, along with my proposed solutions. Don’t give up!

Issues with The Fire Stick’s Remote

I’ve included the most common causes of remote control malfunction for the FireStick, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Cube. If you follow the steps in order, your remote should start working again.

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Before You Start Using Your Fire Stick, You Should

firestick remote not working

The remote for the Amazon Fire Stick consumes a lot of energy. After some time with FireStick and multiple encounters with the battery draining difficulties, I can confidently tell that if the remote isn’t working, the batteries are probably dead.

There is no notice before the battery dies. I would wager that a dead battery is to blame if your Fire Stick remote suddenly stopped working (probably in the middle of the night, when you don’t have any backup batteries).

For some reason, I still can’t figure out why the remote uses so much juice. Unfortunately, there are situations when the battery dies after only a few weeks. Alexa, a voice-recognition and voice-command system, is built into the Fire Stick controller. Alexa could be the scapegoat for some. In any case, it’s not as if the remote is constantly picking up on conversations. To initiate listening, press and hold the Alexa button on the remote.

Whatever the causes may be, the most practical answer is to always have a supply of high-quality alkaline batteries on hand as a safety net. Use only high-quality alkaline batteries in your Fire Stick remote to ensure its longevity. However, be careful not to get a low-quality alkaline. Get the name brand from a reliable maker.

If I hadn’t had an issue with my rechargeable alkaline batteries in the past week, I might have gone so far as to suggest it. A white residue formed on the connector where one of the remote controls’ batteries had leaked. After scraping away the white buildup, the brand-new battery finally started working.

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Have You Already Paired the Fire Stick Remote?

In most cases, your FireStick will already be associated with the remote that comes with it! If it is not already paired, this will be done for you automatically. Another possibility is that the FireStick remote wasn’t paired properly when you first got it or when you got a replacement.

The Buttons on My Fire Stick Aren’t Responding

When the remote hasn’t been correctly associated with your FireStick device, the buttons may not function. Repeatedly pairing the remote requires pressing and holding the Home button for at least 10 seconds.If it doesn’t work, try resetting your remote and pairing it with your FireStick again.

You should know that the procedures below WILL NOT return your FireStick to its original settings. They unpair your remote from your FireStick, reset it, then re-pair it.

First, make sure your FireStick is unplugged (either unplug the adapter from the power outlet or from the FireStick device)

  • Now, for at least 20 seconds, simultaneously press and hold the following buttons:
  • To return to a previous page, use the “Back” button.
  • Menu Button
  • Part of the ring for navigating on the left

Whether or Not Your Fire Stick’s Remote Works with It Is Question Number Four

This is not a question for folks who have problems with their factory-supplied remote. In this case, I’m referring to the standalone controls. FireStick and Fire TV devices are compatible with various official and third-party remote controls.

Besides the included remote control, FireStick is also compatible with Amazon and third-party game controllers. A FireStick is compatible with any official Amazon product that specifies its compatibility with the streaming media player. However, before you buy a third-party remote or game controller, check to be sure it is compatible with the Fire TV or FireStick.

In addition, there are low-quality knockoffs of the remote that are virtually identical in appearance and functionality. These imitations can be mistaken for the real thing, but they always break down in the end. It’s important to make sure the seller is legitimate before you buy a remote for an Amazon Fire Stick.

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Have You Broken the Remote Control for Your Fire Stick?

firestick remote not working

If you’re using the genuine article, have already tried replacing the batteries, and have exhausted all other possibilities, it’s time to examine the possibility that the remote itself is broken.

Unfortunately, in that scenario, your only choice is to go out and purchase a new remote control. The replacement remotes are reasonably priced, which is fantastic news. It costs about $10 to get one of these. Do some research on Amazon and see what you find. Options are abundant. It’s also possible to get a special remote control that has specific Netflix and other app buttons. To adjust the volume, some remotes also feature a separate dial.

Keep in mind that you can get bespoke remotes from other retailers besides Amazon. Choose the product that has received many positive reviews and a high rating (at least 4 stars).