How to enable or disable Bluetooth on a Mac

Without using your keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, you may activate Bluetooth on your Mac by following the instructions in this article. Although it may seem absurd, there are instances where you may need to restart Bluetooth without a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard.

For instance, you might have unintentionally disabled Bluetooth on your Mac. Your wireless mouse and keyboard connections will be cut off as a result, rendering your devices useless. Or perhaps you’re seeking to solve Bluetooth connectivity issues. Turning something on and off is one of the most fundamental methods of troubleshooting. If you try to remedy it by turning off Bluetooth, your wireless keyboard and mouse will stop working, become disconnected, and you won’t be able to see the cursor. Since you can no longer use your mouse or keyboard to operate the computer, you won’t know how to switch it on. Unfazed, there is a solution. As follows:

Your Bluetooth Mouse, Keyboard, or Trackpad Will Be Disconnected if Bluetooth Is Switched Off

How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Mac

  • By pressing the Bluetooth status icon in the menu bar with a wired mouse, you can obviously quickly reactivate Bluetooth. We’ll presume that you don’t have a USB mouse in this case.
  • If your keyboard is functional
  • To use this approach, you must have a keyboard connection; if you do not, see the other method below. You could try:
  • Sync a USB keyboard with your Mac (or if possible, connect your keyboard to your Mac with a USB cable). If you are having issues with your USB keyboard, look at this page. Other choices for a wired mouse are also available.
  • Obviously, you can use the built-in keyboard if this is a MacBook.
  • Now, launch Spotlight using your keyboard. Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Space. Bluetooth File Exchange is what you should type into the search field. Next, press Return.
  • If your keyboard, mouse, and trackpad are not functional
  • What you can do if a USB keyboard or mouse is not available is as follows:
  • Save and close any documents you are working on.

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Disconnect Your Mac from Any and All Physical Devices, Including Printers

Restart your Mac manually. Press and hold the power button on your Mac until it shuts off to accomplish that. To restart your Mac, wait a few whiles and then hit the power button once more.

Wait a few seconds after your Mac has started up before attempting to turn on Bluetooth until your device recognizes that no Bluetooth devices are currently connected and launches the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. In other words, rebooting your Mac will enable Bluetooth even if no keyboard is plugged in.

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How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Mac

Tech problems are nearly always a pain, but if Bluetooth on your Mac is giving you trouble, there are a few things you may do.

  • On your Mac, check for system updates.
  • Updates should be installed.
  • Ensure that device drivers are current.
  • You might need to make sure the drivers are up to date if your Bluetooth device needs drivers to be installed.
  • After turning it off, turn Bluetooth back on.
  • Restart your Mac after turning it off.
  • Even while it can seem like a straightforward fix, sometimes all it takes is turning something off and back on.