How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone

You might wish to record an iPhone call for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to record everything spoken while interviewing someone. Or perhaps your grandmother is sharing her renowned apple pie recipe, and you don’t want to forget the key component. It’s also crucial to understand how to record phone calls on an iPhone for a variety of reasons, including keeping track of client discussions and having a record of anything your boss says that may be offensive.

Since Apple forbids the recording of calls on iPhones, it is often simpler to record a phone conversation using an Android handset (and many of the strategies below also apply to Android). The inability to record calls on iPhones is for good reason, though. In order to preserve your privacy, Apple won’t give other apps access to your microphone. Therefore, while recording a phone call on an iPhone is possible, it necessitates some ingenious workarounds.

Remember: It may be prohibited to record a phone conversation in several states (and nations). Other states, like New York, simply need one party to agree; therefore, as long as one individual participating in the phone conversation agrees to the recording, it’s acceptable to record the chat. To put it another way, someone who resides in New York is legally permitted to record a call without informing the other party. But just to be safe, you might want to let everyone on the line know that you’re recording.

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Record a Speakerphone Call

how to record a phone call on iphone

This is the ideal choice for you if you like things simple, but two devices are required. Your chat will take place on the first (on speakerphone); an iPhone or any other speaker-enabled phone will work. You’ll make a recording on the second device. You could use a Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch for this.

In essence, you can place the call on any speaker phone and record it on your iPhone. Alternatively, utilise the same Voice Memos app on all your Apple devices to make the call and record it on each one. Everything is subject to your access to gadgets.

Start recording your phone call before it begins to ensure you get the entire chat. The procedure for using an iPhone to record a speakerphone call is detailed below. Please take note that the procedures may vary significantly depending on your device’s model and iOS.

To Stop Recording

Here’s an iPhone tip that can be used when there are extended silences or you’re placed on wait during a conversation: To view the recording field in full-screen mode while you’re still recording, tap or swipe up on it from the bottom of your screen. If necessary, you can pause your recording here.

Stop Recording

Press the stop button (or Done if you’re in full-screen view) to halt the recording and save your file once you’re done talking.

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Removing a Recording

Tap the trash can after pressing the stop button to erase a recording. Deleted a recording by mistake? Recordings that were recently erased can also be recovered, much like deleted images. Tap Recently Deleted on the Voice Memos home screen to view a list of your recently deleted files. Remember that you only have roughly 30 days to recover deleted files before selecting Recover to bring back your recording.

Name the Recording

Tap the default title to rename your recording (your current location, though you can turn off Location-based Naming in Settings by tapping the toggle). The text will turn into highlighted text. You may just erase it and then input your new title.

You may copy your recording, edit, crop, and replace specific segments of it, as well as send it over text, email, AirDrop, and other apps if you’re feeling very inventive. Play around; there are many Voice Memos tips and tactics to assist you record as clearly as possible.

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Programmes that Record Phone Calls

how to record a phone call on iphone

Although simple, the speakerphone method isn’t suitable for everyone. It’s probably not the ideal choice for you if you don’t have two devices. Downloading the appropriate recording app is all that is required to learn how to record a phone call on an iPhone without the speaker. These are our favourite applications for recording phone calls on your iPhone with the best audio quality, in no particular order.

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The Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the simplest ways to record calls, second only to using two devices and loudspeaker. The software gives you the option to choose the phone or device you want to use to place and receive calls. Select Calls from the Settings menu after that. You can toggle to record incoming calls by navigating to the Incoming Call option and scrolling down. To begin recording once everyone is connected to the call, simply push the number 4 on the keypad. To halt recording, dial four once more at the end of the call. Once finished, your phone recording will appear in the Recorded menu selection.

This approach has a few more benefits. If you haven’t previously done so, you can register for a free phone number at the same time as setting up your Google Voice account. It is similar to a digital burner phone. It’s free and really simple to record an iPhone conversation in the meanwhile. Even while the app enables it, one drawback is that it can be more difficult to find out how to record outgoing calls.