is keshi engaged ? Look into Keshi’s music and fiancé’s discography!

Singing, writing, and producing are all a part of Keshi’s repertoire. With hits like “I Need You,” “Beside You,” and “Right Here” among others, his name is well-known. More than four years have passed since he first began composing music on his own.

Keshi Career

Listening to music has always been one of Casey’s favorite pastimes. During his teens, he began taking guitar lessons. He utilized his grandfather’s music book to learn how to play the guitar. He’s gotten pretty excellent at it via a lot of practice. Finally, in 2017, he began performing as Keshi for the first time. However, he was already writing songs and posting them to his Soundcloud account prior to this. In 2017 he took his music career very seriously and chose to leave his job to pursue it.

is keshi engaged

In September 2017, he released his first single, titled Over U. The moment his initial single hit the airwaves, he began actively spreading countless other tracks throughout the various online music distribution channels. It was a hit when he released the single “2 Soon,” which was one of his key singles. his first EP, The Reaper, was released on November 13th, 2018. He signed with Island Records in 2019 after releasing his own music for two years. Although he’s published four EPs, he’s yet to release an album. In addition to The Reaper’s EP, Skeletons, Bandaids, and Always follow.

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is Keshi engaged?

A year ago, Mai and Keshi announced their engagement, which makes me wonder why and how he would write lyrics with such gloomy romantic significance while celebrating their engagement. A selfie of Keshi and Mai has been taken.

is keshi engaged

A-List of Keshi’s Recordings and Information on Her Fiancé

SAN JOSE, Calif.—The city of San Jose, Calif.

As a rising alternative musician and former oncology nurse going by the nickname “Keshi,” Casey Luong, despite being engaged, creates music that depicts scandalous sexual closeness and passion. Love is a common theme in Keshi’s music. There are a lot of intimate and romantic lyrics in his songs like “said you’re tired of the distance and tired of the fake love, said you don’t really miss him, but I don’t really blame ya.” from B.Y.S. and “baby why the hesitation?” from SOMEBODY, which are clearly linked to mature and romantic themes.

On the other hand, there are times when I question Keshi’s lyrics and whether or not they are meaningful to him. Keshi announced his engagement to his longtime best friend Mai early last year, which makes me wonder why and how he would write lyrics with such a gloomy love connotation in contrast to celebrating his engagement.

According to Silver Creek sophomore Kelson Vo, “Keshi’s listeners probably listen to his music to relieve their feelings of heartbreak and whatnot. It’s because of this that his songs are so shocking that they draw so many people and it works. As of now, Keshi is only safeguarding his bank. The music industry, like other entertainment industries, is a greedy one. For many musicians who are trying to grow their music and generate money, writing music is a way to connect with their fans. When it comes to Keshi’s songs, the subject matter is often about love or lust because it resonates with his fans the most.

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K-pop stars such as NCT, BTS, and Itzy praised Keshi’s debut EP “THE REAPER,” which helped him establish himself as a guitar-driven musician with soothing vocals. His song “right here” has accumulated 62,355,204 Spotify streams to date. His career as a musician is progressing, as seen by the release of his debut single, “SOMEBODY,” on October 22 of this year. His debut album is scheduled for release in 2022. Even if you only listen to the instrumentals, I think Keshi’s music is quite good. This guy is so talented, I’d definitely listen to him sing about mashed potatoes all day. Despite the fact that his lyrics aren’t solely responsible for his success, they surely contribute to the appeal of his music to the ears and eyes.

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Most Frequently Asked Question

Is Keshi still in the relationship with Mai?

Keshi revealed his engagement to Mai on a live IG video today, which you can see here. Congratulations!!

Who is Keshi’s fiance?

Insights from Keshi are posted on Instagram His fiancée, Mai is “Keshi’s dearest friend in the world.”

What is Casey Luong’s age?

A quarter of a century (November 4, 1994)

How did Keshi come up with the name?

Keshi was the name of the SoundCloud account I created. My partner still refers to me by this childhood nickname. Friends since the 5th or 6th grade, we’ve been inseparable. Keshi has always been a nickname for me when I visit her parents.

Is Keshi still engaged to his fiancee?

during his live Instagram broadcast today, he announced that he is engaged to Mai!

Why is Keshi’s album Gabriel titled that way?

It’s a name that Keshi likes, and he believes that naming an album is similar to naming your firstborn kid, even if GABRIEL has no connection to anyone in particular.

Is Keshi a member of 88rising’s roster or not?

Along with the likes of HYUKOH, Iigo Pascual, Kang Daniel, Keshi Mxmtoon NIKI No Vacation Phum Viphurit Rich Brian Stephanie Poetry Yuna and others they’ll be a part of a diverse group of performers.

Joji’s age is unknown.

Twenty-nine years (September 18, 1992)

Is Keshi of Chinese descent?

Keshi – Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

Where does Niki fit into the genre spectrum?


Do you know who was the earliest R&B artist?

Count Basie and Louis Jordan were among the many R&B musicians who rose to fame in the late 1940s when the genre first gained wide acclaim. Jerry Wexler invented the term “Rhythm and Blues” (R&B) in 1948 when he was working as a music journalist and record producer.

Inquiring minds want to know what Keshi plays.

Acoustic-electric guitar from Gibson, model ES-335E.

From where does Casey Luong hail?

America’s most populous city – Houston, Texas

Keshi’s nationality is a mystery to me.


Is Keshi a native of Japan?

An eraser in Japanese is referred to as “Keshi” (Japanese: or ) or “keshigomu.” In the current lexicon, a “Keshi” is a colored hard rubber collectible miniature figure, usually of an anime or manga character.